Indie Hello Games announce Joe Danger, a motorcycle stuntman
Posted: 29.09.2009 12:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
From Guildford-based Hello Games comes Joe Danger, a game of a motorcyclist stuntman who in true side-scrolling arcade fashion must complete obstacle courses.

It's a very bright and cheerful title, with gamers able to set up their own stuntman levels and even share them. Joe Danger is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You even collect coins!

"Joe Danger aims to recreate the childish joy of the first time you took a toy motorbike, doused it in lighter fluid, lit it, and launched it at high speed over your carefully constructed ramp out a second story window, while all the kids in the neighbourhood cheered below."

Hello Games was founded only last year by four developers, who have experience from the likes of "Criterion, Sumo, Kuju, EA and Climax." Joe Danger is releasing on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and on PC sometime in spring 2010. Check out the developer blog for more.

Source: Eurogamer