Gearbox "very pleased" with Borderlands PS3 fix, co-op okay now
Posted: 22.10.2009 10:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Borderlands has released on Xbox 360 and PS3 but the latter was found to be stricken with a serious bout of anti-social behaviour. The PS3 game wouldn't recognise PSN friends.

Players were also waiting long times for public games. Developer Gearbox has fixed the PSN friends list issue, with a solution "released invisibly" so gamers don't have to do anything.

"We are very pleased to report that using PSN friends lists with the game should now work properly for all PS3 customers. The fix has been released invisibly and should work automatically for all PSN users on the PS3 platform," announced Gearbox, reports Kotaku.

"No special action is required by PS3 customers to apply the fix - just play the game and you'll find that everything works fine now. We thank you all for your patience and for making us aware of the issue!" Borderlands is an action-RPG with big emphasis on co-op play.

This week has seen the game release on next-gen consoles, but next week the PC version of Borderlands officially releases. So far the Diablo-like romp (with guns) has been received very well. Have you got, or are looking to get Gearbox's RPG themepark Borderlands?

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