Rebellion's AvP supports DX11, gives unexploited "opportunities"
Posted: 22.10.2009 11:24 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
British developer Rebellion has announced that PC Aliens Vs Predator will fully support DirectX 11 technology, which features "multi-threaded rendering" and other top stuff.

It lets the team provide "exacting detail" in the game with "absolutely no" frame rate trouble. They're pumped to be giving fans a game they've "been waiting for", with Rebellion "very proud."

"DirectX 11 provides opportunities never exploited before in 3D graphical terms, with features such as the Shader Model 5.0 providing better shadow and depth of field aspects to the game," said Rebellion's Chris Kingsley, reports

"...and also multi-threaded rendering enabling the Aliens Vs. Predator futuristic characters and environments to be realised in exacting detail but with absolutely no frame rate issues."

It's been ten years since the first ever AvP videogame, and now Rebellion plan on bringing it back with a bang on the PC especially using Direct X 11's hardware tessellation.

"We are confident we will deliver a game the fans have been waiting for and one of which we will be very proud." Aliens Vs Predator releases in February 2010. Looking forward to it, videogamer?

Aliens Vs Predator - DirectX 11 infused
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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Oct 24, 2009
Looking forward to it? Can't say, Febuary 2010 is still far away when it concerns games for PC's. we still await the DRM outbreak, one or two boycottes, at least two changes of engine and another distributor...
So ask me again come January 2010 and we know more about this game, then I might be excited.
I'm no fan of the first two games - as a marine you just died, as a predator - you just died and as an alien you hot a headache trying to watch where the heck you were going...
Oh, you mean Directx 11 psyched? Yeah, about as psyched as I were when Shadowrun was released as a Directx 10 only game - not at all! ;)