Team ICO's Ueda says this generation "is about expressing ideas"
Posted: 22.10.2009 13:17 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Fumito Ueda, head of Team ICO, has told Famitsu magazine he believes this generation is more about expressing ideas, about "what you do" with the tech at your disposal.

Ueda-san also said Japan was "pushing Western titles hard" as a "new 'genre'" to try. He's looking forward to Modern Warfare 2, as there's a "serious sublime beauty" to Infinity.

"I had to do a lot of interviews so I didn't get more than a passing glance, but I get the feeling the number of booths has gone down," Ueda told Famitsu, reports 1UP, talking about the Tokyo Game Show and it's shrinkage this year.

"I also got the impression that, instead of talking about what makes games innovative and so on, a lot of companies were pushing Western titles hard, positioning them as a new 'genre' for gamers to try out," noted the Last Guardian developer.

"As a creator, technical skill is important, but I really feel like this generation is about expressing ideas, about what you do with the technology."

All that western game pushing isn't such a bad thing though, on the contrary, it gives them games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "It's one of the few games, I think, that conjures up what's going outside of the picture in your mind as well," he said.

"I feel a serious sublime beauty in all of Infinity Ward's FPSes." That beauty has some acid on its face, at least for PC Modern Warfare 2, with gamers unhappy over its online approach.

Team ICO are developing The Last Guardian exclusively for the PlayStation 3 right now.