Cory Barlog and George Miller's first game collaboration is Mad Max
Posted: 13.03.2008 12:01 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
The latest Mad Max film 'Fury Road' will apparently be delayed to launch the game around the same time, usually games are pushed up to sync with the cinema release but George Miller doesn't want to have the game rushed and quality to suffer.

There's one culprit many won't guess as to why the world has had to wait for Max's return for so long. Any ideas?

Why it's the Iraq War of course. The crash of the U.S. dollar to the Australian dollar and the massive slowdown of sea freighting worldwide practically halted all production for the team. Eventually all that bad business cleared up, well the sea container part anyways.

"We were all ready to go on "Fury Road," but instead of going off and shooting "Fury Road" straight away, I said "Okay, now that we've got that whole world prepared, let's work together with somebody, if there's someone out there." And that started off on the path of trying to get together with Corey. Not handing it off to some third party game developer as we did on "Happy Feet," but to try to do it all as a piece, in the hope that we overcome that problem of making bad films from good games or vice versa."

Miller on the stage of the game and who's writing the script: "Corey's working on that. Then we'll be getting together and reviewing it, and we'll slowly get our team together so that there is that overlap I talked about before. But he's working on it as we speak. He's already sort of gone through all our material, all our bibles, all our preparation on the movie. He's gone off to do his thing. He'll come back, and we'll have these workshops, which--games and movies are very collaborative processes. And I'm a big fan of an immersive workshop process. I would like to think that the game people and the film people will affect each other."

So for those who were unaware there's a new Mad Max film called 'Fury Road' coming out and a game is planned to be released around the same time too. Let's hope there's lots of unnecessary and elaborately sized bandit fortresses packing flamethrowers and guns for Max to blast through.

Miller did say that original lead Mel Gibson would not be taking the reins again as the Mad road warrior Max as "he's in his 50's now--it's too old." Poor old past-his-time Mel.

Click here to read the full interview (part 2) between Level Up and George Miller.

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