More information on Dawn of War 2
Posted: 28.03.2008 09:49 by Kres Comments: 3
More information about a possible sequel to Dawn of War has been revealed by a Belgian magazine called PCGameplay.

The Orkz and Space Marines are the only two classes that have been mentioned for roles in the sequel, although a co-op campaign has also been suggested for both races. DirectX 10 will be supported, along with multiple CPU cores.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Relic or THQ yet, but Dawn of war 2 has been in development since September 2006 and is likely to be released sometime next year.

Source: IGN
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 28, 2008
I have all of them. They&#039;re great fun. I&#039;ve read the Belgian article, complete with pics and can confirm that DoW2 will use the Essence engine (ala CoH), and will involve no base-building (quads will drop from space). There is also a reduction in squad size. The pics look great, with individual wargear on each space marine.
By Keef (SI Veteran Newbie) on Mar 29, 2008
same here, been playing since beta. But i suggest if u want to play it wait for DOW2. first 2 games are really good but went down as more expansions came out. Dont get me wrong, last 1 SS its pretty fun, enjoyed playing but its rather rushed....
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 30, 2008
&quot;Rushed&quot; is very kind for a product (&quot;SS&quot;) that&#039;s incomplete and full of more bugs than a council flat. &quot;DoW2&quot; you&#039;ll be able to retrieve gear from the battlefield and take it nack to your spaceship for research into upgrading your own troops. Lot of new toys to play with.