17 pounds WoW mount a success?
Posted: 22.04.2010 14:25 by Comments: 5
See, this is why we can't have nice things.

It seems Blizzard's new mount for World of Warcraft, the 'Celestial Steed', is already set to make the company millions.

According to, a seven-hour queue of 140,000 people had formed within three hours of the mount's release last week. At $25 per mount, that's already $3.5 million in the bank, and since this isn't a limited edition item or anything, Blizzard stands to make much, much more.

That's great and all, but seriously, £17 for a mount? In essence, an art asset whose only purpose in the game is to get you from A to B slightly faster. The fact that it's not limited means that it has no special value either, it just looks nice.

Combined with Activision's recent success with the also heavily priced Modern Warfare 2 map pack, we worry that a dangerous precedent is being set with regards to the pricing of DLC and game add-ons.

What do you think guys?
Source: Eurogamer
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By Kres (SI Elite) on Apr 22, 2010
Well I think that I'm going to cry. We should buy Blizzard stocks?
By eloqui (SI Core Member) on Apr 22, 2010
Do any of the regular SI participants here actually play WoW? Seems like this crowd is too elite. Please lay it on the table if you do.
By Kres (SI Elite) on Apr 23, 2010
WoW is the top visited game on SI. It has a decent % of our total traffic actually.
By Orv (SI Core) on Apr 23, 2010
In a capitalist society I suppose it's "whatever the market will bear".
I certainly would never pay that kind of cash for a make-believe pony.
By eloqui (SI Core Member) on Apr 23, 2010
Orv, LOL. Good of you to emerge from the darkness for that pony line gem

Kres: I wonder if the WoW downloaders are the ones herodotus mentioned as simply passing through silently. It seems the commenting community is kindof small. I wonder how many register just to get files. Nothing wrong with it, just wondering.