Stars unplayable in Guitar Hero 6, Kiss' Gene Simmons to narrate
Posted: 17.05.2010 12:08 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Publisher Activision has dropped the ability to play as real-world rockers in Guitar Hero 6, favouring a nobody shooting up the ladder of fame.

They will make cameo appearances however, with Gene Simmons from Kiss narrating the new Quest Mode. It's 'refocusing' on the rock 'n' roll.

This info comes from an Official Xbox360 Magazine piece on the upcoming Guitar Hero 6, which is still yet to be formally announced by Acti. Over the recent years the publisher has fell into hot water regarding certain celebrity rockers in the GH roster.

Now it seems they'd rather play it safe and have actual rock stars play only an ancillary role, with the game's focus noted as going 'back to basics' and concentrating more on the music itself and not just parading a bunch of names on stage.

Here's a quick summary list from the OXM article, courtesy of GoNintendo:

- back to basics approach
- past Guitar Hero characters return
- recruit each character by playing their song sets
- unlock their alter-ego and gimmick (Lars becomes Warrior Lars, and allows you to get a x6 multiplier)
- quickplay feature revamped
- carry over previous DLC
- Streakers, Momentum, Do or Die now available in online competitive modes
- new Power Challengers
- Queen, Kiss, Black Sabbath confirmed
- Quest Mode features Gene Simmons as narrator
- sustain open notes when playing bass
- CBGB is the only real-world location to appear
- no real-world celebrities as playable characters
- much bigger focus on rock 'n' roll

There you have it - you can only unlock the world renown rockers and even then you don't get to play as them, but they can join your band. There's no release date as there isn't even an official announcement of Guitar Hero 6 yet - E3 2010 may change all that.

Source: VG247
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