MTV has little swipe at "other guy", Rock Band 'far less exploited'
Posted: 20.05.2010 13:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Scott Guthrie of MTV Games says that unlike Activision, Harmonix have spent "two years on an engine upgrade" and evolving Rock Band 3.

The MTV boss gave light criticism to Guitar Hero's high release volume. The Beatles: Rock Band was "more about the content" than IP exploit.

"At E3, you'll see that Harmonix has spent two years on an engine upgrade and creating the next evolution of Rock Band," Guthrie told MCV, reports

"Unlike the other guy, we haven't been bringing a new game out every year. Sure, last year we had The Beatles but that was more about the content. This time we have lots of great, new music and some new consumer features you will find interesting."

Stones in glass houses guys. Rock Band 3 releases when Activision hits retail with both Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Publisher Acti make it no secret that they love to fully capitalise on a franchise, as they've exploded investment into more Call of Duty games.

Do you have a preference to either Rock Band or Guitar Hero?
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 20, 2010
CAn't stand either. Still, it obviously appeals to many. It's a bit like the FPS's...everyone has their favourite and are quick to take sides.