BioWare plan 'continued DLC stream', bridges Mass Effect 2 and 3
Posted: 21.05.2010 10:59 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
It's going to be "quite a few months" before developer BioWare starts talking about Mass Effect 3, but DLC will fill in the gaps between sequels.

They have a "bunch of packs" in the works but fan response will influence how they move forward. An E3 reveal for Mass Effect 3 not likely at all.

The latest DLC reveal for ME2 has been Overlord, which has Commander Shepard take on a rogue AI that's got a robotic army at its disposal. "We have a bunch of packs that are in the works right now," lead producer Casey Hudson told

"So, for the time being there's going to be a continued stream of DLC for people. We'll start to have packs that'll tell the story between Mass Effect 2 and 3. But beyond that we kind of have to see how people are responding to what we have and go from there."

Mass Effect 2 released on Xbox 360 and PC in January, scoring big time with critics and fans and improving the gameplay from the original by becoming more of a shooter. "It probably won't be for quite a few months that we talk about Mass Effect 3," he said.

The franchise is a trilogy with the fight between Shepard and the Reapers expected to end when ME3 arrives, but the IP universe might just continue elsewhere. EA's John Schappert said something "far reaching from Mass Effect" releases January 2011.

Are you excited for BioWare's Mass Effect 3?

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By Jake_SI (SI Elite) on May 22, 2010
Whilst it's a bit annoying that you need to keep forking out money (i assume they wont be free) for DLC in order to get the full experience from the story (since they bridge the two games), I'm still excited to know that I'll have plenty of new Mass Effect content to play while waiting for ME3.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 22, 2010
With so many DLC's for these RPG's, I can only acceptably look at GOTY or Gold Editions at realistic prices. Whatever happened to the good old expansion pack?