EA: Dungeon Keeper MMO still in development, can build empire
Posted: 02.06.2010 13:18 by Simon Priest Comments: 4
Hope, despair - these are the feelings of most Dungeon Keeper fans wanting a return of the Bullfrog classic franchise. Still we get an MMO don't we?

Ah wait, no we don't because it's for China. Yes EA confirms that the Dungeon Keeper MMO is still underway. Gamers are lords building dungeon empires.

TQ Digital Entertainment is behind the Dungeon Keeper MMO and it will be in full 3D, with players as evil lords who build underground empires. On the surface it will play out as any other MMO on the scene. There will be instances, gear, XP and summonable minions.

Dungeon on dungeon action is promised too. So far only a demon race has been revealed as playable but more are coming says the Chinese developer. I truly hope that EA has far more in stock for the Dungeon Keeper IP than letting the MMO genre rape exploit it.

Your creatures are under attack!

Source: Massively


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 02, 2010
A Bulldog Classic? Hardly. As I recall "DK" and "DK2" were received with moderate interest, and rapidly became niche games. I really don't think a DK MMO is going to work.
By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Jun 02, 2010
I actually think this will do quite well. The game design is perfect for an MMO; DK2 was a brilliant game in itself and was definately a classic, even if it didn't have a particularly large fanbase... was so gutted when they cancelled DK3 ;(
By eloqui (SI Core Member) on Jun 04, 2010
I'd say more of a classic than not. People still talk fondly about this game. Concept was good.
By reeboker (SI Newbie) on Jun 07, 2010
If it'll came out I don't think that it would maintain the same thrilling atmosphere as the second one. Cause Bullfrog is no more, and for the 1st thing starting to develop a game from and/or firstly releasing for/in china as the 2nd thing, the title will be just ruined. They should dig up the lost thoughts for the 3rd one which I don't recall had RTS-RPG-3rd person builder MMO or whatever in mind and put the EA Uk guys to get it done where (according to wiki) Bullfrog had merged.

BTW: According to screenshots, ninjas in dungeons/arenas (according to chinese web page), pirates and some kind of indian-prehistoric-viking like race, pleaaaazzzee. X(