1C Line-up: Men of War, Captain Blood and more...
Posted: 04.06.2010 12:44 by Comments: 1
As you guys will already know, Strategy Informer was lucky enough to attend this year's Prague'N'Play Summer showcase for 1C Company, a veteran niche PC publisher from Mother Russia.

This year's line-up has 1C building upon some of their classic franchises, as well as introducing new IP's to expand their influence. The full line up after the jump...

* Men of War: Assault Squads - The DMS expansion, our coverage can be seen here and here.

* Men of War: Vietnam - The third expansion of the Men of War game, this title is being made in conjunction with Assault Squad, but is being developed by the same studio who made Red Tide (not DigitalMindSoft). Expect more micro-managing tactical action amongst the jungles of 'nam.

* Captain Blood - a new IP for 1C, Captain Blood looks like it's going to take 1C firmly into the console market. Fable meets God of War meets Pirates of the Carribean, stay tuned for our hands-on preview.

* Theatre of War 2: Korea - announced the other week, stay tuned for our hands-on preview of this expansion.

* Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - Unfortunately this wasn't playable this year, but we do have some new screens for you.

* Rig'N'Roll - Truck-driver sim extraordinaire, we'll have a review coming for you shortly.

* Off-Road Drive - announced yesterday, off-road looks to be a fun yet authentic off-road driving experience for enthusiasts and casual racers.

* Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory - the latest game in the Star Wolves franchise. Stay tuned for more information.

* Kings Bounty: Crossworlds - official expansion to King's Bounty: Armoured Princess, the quirky tactical turn-based strategy game gets two new campaigns, as well as a game editor.

* Real Warfare 1242 - one of 1C's more niche strategy titles, we'll be reviewing this recently released game shortly.

* Reign: Conflict of Nations - another niche, stay tuned for more information and a hands-on preview.

* Unannounced Title #1 - the next instalment of a classic franchise, keep an eye out for the official announcement in the coming weeks.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 05, 2010
Great stuff and always like to see what 1C is developing. Looking forward to:
-Theatre of War 2: Korea
-Reign: Conflict of Nations
-Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory
- Men of War: Vietnam