Shogun 2: Total War is "more with less"
Posted: 09.06.2010 11:49 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Sega and developer Creative Assembly reveal their ambition for Shogun 2: Total War is to achieve greater depth with much less global scope.

Basically that means by focusing on only Japanese shores they can "immerse" in the culture of the period, and it can be "a thing of beauty".

"When we begin development, as a team we immerse ourselves in the period and the setting that we are trying to bring to life in the game," said Lead Designer James Russell in a Sega in-house interview, reports IncGamers.

"We develop features that reflect the battles and the military & economic dilemmas of the time (as well as making for great gameplay)."

"On the campaign map this means we fold in the importance of honour, treachery, clan & family, and many other aspects of being a warlord in feudal Japan. Of course, we need a completely new set of agents and agent abilities too."

"On the battle side, special, historically accurate, hero characters can help turn the tide of battle. We’re also giving siege mechanics a complete overhaul: Japanese castles are very different from European castles, and we’re working hard to make the layouts look convincingly Japanese as well as playing well," he continued on.

They plan some "very exciting things" for Shogun 2's multiplayer but won't be discussing that just yet. Napoleon: Total War introduced an online feature the fans have wanted for a long time - multiplayer campaigns - and this is likely to return.

"We really want to make Shogun 2 a thing of beauty, and the most immersive Total War game ever. We are focusing on pushing gameplay depth and polish rather than raw ‘size’ or scope: doing more with less," noted Creative's Russell.

"Internally, we are calling these things together (beauty, depth, polish and immersion) the Zen of Total War. We are absolutely committed to making Shogun 2 the most breathtaking Total War experience ever."

Naval battles will remain in Shogun 2, with ships laden with archers and samurai warriors ready to board opposing vessels and clank blades together. You'll also have land in sight to help better orientate you, with ships driven by oars and not the winds.

Shogun 2: Total War will release exclusively on PC.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 09, 2010
Many will bemoan the loss of the huge Campaign Map that has been so popular since "MTW", and "S2TW" will of course receive a rough reception from many fans (and haters alike) as a result.
It could be good, and the depth CA speak of is certainly attractive. But it is still just all talk, and I know just how much they talked and talked about "ETW" only to deliver a lacklustre vanilla "out-of-the-box" product. How much immersion gamers will be interested in is anyone's guess, but I'm betting Strategy is still the most important ingredient for TW gamers.
PC upgrade? Always necessary with each new TW game (including "NTW" and even "STW"'s expansion).
By fat_ant (SI Member) on Aug 19, 2010
I cant wait. I just wish they would do a fantasy version of TW. Maybe 1 day...
By kudarat (I just got here) on Feb 25, 2011
wow thats awesome but. i'd like something maybe SEGA should create another game titled DYNASTY TOTAL WAR yeh which focus on ASIAN battles w/c include CHINESE,JAPANESE, MONGOL something like that and with other fuctions!!!!! that would be great isn't it. i hope 1 day sega would do that..