John Carpenter 'gave blessing' to Hideo Kojima over Solid Snake
Posted: 24.06.2010 13:47 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Director John Carpenter, who made Escape from New York featuring Kurt Russell as one 'Snake Plissken', gave Hideo Kojima his "blessing".

Kojima-san had written to Carpenter asking him if he could use Snake as inspiration for Metal Gear Solid, and thus Solid Snake was born.

The Japanese veteran developer "has written me and asked me for my blessing on the game and I wrote him back", said Hollywood's John Carpenter, reports CVG. "He's a very nice man." 'Snake Plissken' from the movie was an ex-war veteran and criminal.

He's sent to Manhattan Island which had become a maximum security prison in the 'future' of 1997, where the inmates were left to fend for themselves entirely. Snake must find and rescue the US President who has been kidnapped.

Director Carpenter has been plying his trade craft to Warner Bros' anticipated horror first-person shooter F.3.A.R. - he's been sorting out the story for us. Check out the latest trailer for the game - focusing on lead character Point Man.

F.3.A.R. releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 25, 2010
Best casting since Mark Hamill played The Joker.
By benny180 (SI Core) on Jun 25, 2010
I always thought that Hideo based Snake off this Snake. Even though it was a really silly movie i liked it! I wonder what would have happened if he didnt give his blessing though....