Ambitious Fan Project The Silver Lining Resurfaces July 10 In Episodic Format
Posted: 28.06.2010 16:07 by PRBot Comments: 1
Phoenix Online Studios is happy to announce the July 10th debut of The Silver Lining with "Episode 1: What is Decreed Must Be," the first of a series of episodes that will be released throughout 2010. The highly-anticipated fan-made project will allow gamers to revisit familiar characters and lands inspired by Roberta Williams' beloved King's Quest universe, which captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of fans during the 80's and 90's.

In The Silver Lining, players will assume the role of King Graham as he sets out on a quest to save his children, Rosella and Alexander, from a mysterious curse. The episodes will be released as free downloads from "We played about 20 minutes of the first chapter, and now I'm dying to know how the story unfolds (...) this game nails it by feeling like a true heir to the throne," said Joystiq in a recent preview of the game.

Phoenix Online Studios and Activision have worked together over the last few months to build a relationship that will enable The Silver Lining to be freely distributed to its eager fans.

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In the immortal words of Zerk: "GAY!!!"