Final Fantasy XIV Online PC this September, PS3 delays into 2011
Posted: 01.07.2010 10:58 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Square Enix has announced September 30th is the worldwide release date for MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online for PC, while the PS3 gets delayed.

March 2011 is the new date for the console version. A PC special edition will go on sale September 22nd for early access, along with goodies.

Subscriptions have been unveiled for the PC version of FFXIV and they are 8.99 (12.99) for a month, but for more characters you will need to cough up 2.10 (3) extra each month to support them to a maximum of 8 character slots per account.

Non-playable characters - retainers - which maintain items that are for sale and are helpful for storage while you are logged out with cost 70p (1), aside from the first which is free. Pricing for the PlayStation 3 version will be announced later.

A Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIV Online includes early access, a making of DVD, a security token, a tumbler that's branded, a map, a journal, a free guest pass, and the usual 30 days free playtime, reports Eurogamer.

Pre-orders also net themselves an in-game item, the Onion Helm, which speeds up recovery after you've had your virtual rear handed to you. Standard copy pre-orders get Garlond Goggles which speed up skill progression.

A beta program for Final Fantasy XIV Online is due to go live early this month, that's July (check your calendar!), and sign ups are still running for EU and PAL regions.