Front Mission Evolved delay US only, Europe still September 17th
Posted: 23.07.2010 13:39 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Publisher Square Enix has said the delay of mech-combat game Front Mission Evolved affects only the US release, whereas Europe is fine.

Double Helix's Xbox 360, PS3 and PC title will hit Europe September 17th as planned. It's got "Hollywood-style production values" says Square.

"The release date for Front Mission Evolved in Europe is 17th September. If there is any change to this we will announce it in due course," said Square Enix Europe. The US retail date has been pushed back September 28th.

Studio Double Helix has created this instalment to the Front Mission series as a third-person action game, breaking away from its traditional strategy game roots. We play as a 'Wanzer' which is a giant walking mech with no qualms about blowing stuff up.

Square promised it has a "totally immersive storyline" coupled with "Hollywood-style production values" and "intense" multiplayer. Front Mission Evolved releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this September. Check out the trailer below.

Source: Eurogamer


By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Jul 25, 2010
this is the First time ever that i hear that Europe Version Isn't Delayed ..... Suck it US
but so many games get delayed
By Knave (SI Core) on Jul 26, 2010
Well, it will give me time to read more reviews before deciding if I want to drop the money on this one. Liked the previous versions.