Dragon Age 2's dialogue 'flexible'
Posted: 26.07.2010 11:44 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
A recent IGN piece on BioWare's upcoming Dragon Age 2, set for release next year, reported that only 3 dialogue choices were involved.

BioWare responds saying they're "not really sure" how they concluded that. They're also "not locked" to icons in the wheel. They're narrative "gymnasts."

"We put up to 5 choice options and 5 investigate options per dialog node," posted BioWare developer Craig Graff on the official website in response to worried fans.

"There is also a difference between choices (where you are actually deciding something) and giving you the opportunity to express yourself in different ways (which I think is quite cool, but not something I believe we have released any details on yet)."

David Gaider added: "There are some extra ways that your dialogue can change, as well, based on what Craig said-- but, again, we're likely to talk more about that in the future."

"I'm not really sure where the "there are only three options for dialog" impression they got came from. Perhaps it was when I showed one half of the dialog wheel with three options...which, you know, leaves another half open know...other....options," noted fellow developer Mike Laidlaw.

"Also probably worth noting that we're not locked into specific icons per place in the wheel. Oh no. We have -much- more flexibility than that. We're like gymnasts." According to the preview piece we had only 'good', 'nasty' and 'badass' responses, depicted by an olive branch, a Greek comedy mask and a red fist respectively.

"I imagine that's the only dialogue he saw? The demo is pretty action-packed and there's only the one conversation-- which, yes, has three options in it. As has been said elsewhere in this thread, however, that's not all we're limited to," added Gaider.

"The personality options (which the article mis-characterizes, I'm afraid-- they may have been more his impression of the lines he saw rather than our explanation of them) have a bit more complexity as to what they affect. That's probably part of a larger conversation, however, so we'll talk about it at length later."

Well there you go - we've got plenty more to say in Dragon Age 2 assures BioWare. The dialogue wheel is based off the same design from Mass Effect. BioWare is also using it in their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Source: Eurogamer
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By Jake_SI (SI Elite) on Jul 26, 2010
I'm very happy they are going for a similiar style of dialogue system as to what they have in Mass Effect and The Old Republic, as I much preferred that system.

Given it's Bioware, I know that this will be an awesome game, but my only concern is that with the new stylised graphics they are advertising for the game, it will look too far removed from the original Dragon Age, it would be a shame to break the feeling that it's actually a sequel. I'm just worried it will feel more like a franchise relaunch due to being so different to the original. But we'll see.. I'm sure Bioware has considered this, and will find a nice balance. They've not let me down yet!
By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Jul 26, 2010
I agree . Bioware has a Talent for Delivering Great games , Like Mass effect, Dragon age
I am also happy That it would be similiar Dialog like Mass effect . But i never seem to have finished the first Dragon age , just like mass effect 1....... i better Start again.

Cant wait for Dragon age 2
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jul 27, 2010
Hmm, well I remain sceptical for these changes. I'm afraid they turn the game into an action/adventure game that is slightly RPG:ish. Also, I'm one of the few it seems that didn't like the KOTOR style in other games then KOTOR and even in KOTOR I thought it a bit consolish. Well that's me at least...
I don't think the game will be bad - just not a proper follow up on Dragon Age if they continue to change the formuale this much. It's like Fallout 1,2 and then there is a game called Fallout 3 but it is much better if you imagine it isn't named "Fallout" at all ;)
By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Jul 28, 2010
YOu utterly just Punched my "NopatiencetoDragonageII" Thinking back to OMFG FALLOUT NEW VEGAS IS COMING OUT SOON WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPIEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

i dont know if i should kill you or thank you , Who am i kidding , FALLOUT FTW
i will try getting the first 2
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jul 30, 2010
Yeah Fallout Vegas will be fine - after a few weeks when the modders have fixed the hiccups. Since it is Obsidian, I expect a load of unfinished ideas, lost code fragments, bugs and skipped items that will be brought back by the modders - or we will see a shitload of DLC's for it :S
But I think it will be better then Fallout 3 - I can't help it, but Bethseda can do explorer games, but they just don't have that intense feel in games. In Oblivion the only real intriguing stories were the assasins and the rouge part. The rest was pretty so-so. Some of the original main quest was OK, but for such a huge game? Nah...
Seeing Dragon age II in that comparison, I think that BioWare has gone too far in the other direction - they know so much what they want that the "freedom" they give you feels after first play through very thin and very - well yeah, I could do 1 or 2 - but I still end up in game over or the ending sequences having a fancy hairdo or a bad hairdo - yihaa - great choices....
In that aspect - fine do Dragonage II into an action/adventure with the light RPG touch - and people will finally have a the product they are promised. To say RPG today is very meakly. What is RPG? To have a few choices, is that RPG? Stats? Feats? Choice? Character development? It is watered out and the old grognards like me well - we expect to hear the dice rolling in the background...
Oh, and you should definitely thank me BoneArc ;)you can't kill me you see, cause I'm on a Battle Star cruiser cantina speaking with Jim Raynor ;)