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By scubadiver9 (SI Newbie) on Sep 06, 2010
When playing BF2, I tried to use chat to coordinate efforts, especially if I was the Commander. Unfortunately, the teams or players would ignore me, and we'd get wasted. Or, I'd received rude comments to be quiet.

During thos few instances where we played as a team, we would dominate the battlefield. However, far too many people want to be the Lone Wolf.

When used properly, chat is essential to conveying strategy that takes too long to type in the heat of battle.
By Ridgy (SI Core Member) on Sep 06, 2010
I would love to voice chat during games, but the fact is that even if there is a majority there will always be some 11 y/o out there who wants to make a funny remark about what you or your voice or how he got laid for the first time yesterday. This is why I appreaciate playing with familiar people in games and/or in a clan. After a while a certain familiarity sets in and it feels alot more natural for everyone.
By Kres (SI Elite) on Sep 06, 2010
Nothing better then team play and voice chats during plays. I liked & used it mostly in BF2. I had a good online buddy that I've met that way in BF2 and we were playing for probably around a year, more less frequently. It's a totally different experience that plaiyng with random people.

In my experience, it was mostly positive, but yeah there are people that think differently then us (idiots!) and that try to make small fun out of ruining the play via mics or lone wolfing.

I've since then played CoD (useless to use voice chat due to rush arena style of gameplay) and now mainly BFBC2 (haven't used or heard more then literally 2 people using mics; lesser scale of it also prevents the use of mics).

I was thinking that only way to get some organized game play is to, well, actually organize it. Thought of doing it via SI somehow, but actual idea hasn't yet crystalized and I'm not too sure how to pull that off. We don't have that many active members that are participating. So it would be difficult to form a crew of people for loading a server up. But at least a squad could be filled?

I'm really looking forward to BF3. But that's long way away... But it'll come.
By YouriRevenn (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 06, 2010
We useing skype wia lol. Its perfect for 5 member.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Sep 07, 2010
Skype and Ventrilo for WoW players. Only like 10% of people out there use the voice chat function. I myself always have a stereo mic connected, but almost never use it.
By bosnian_dragon (SI Core) on Sep 07, 2010
It is very necessary to communicate in games like Battlefield and other strategy based action games. But, it doesn't have to be voice chat, it can be via team messaging system, though it can be pain in the ass when you start typing while the guy behind you takes time to aim your bottocks :D
By cug (I just got here) on Sep 07, 2010
im using TS with four of my friends while playing CoD or any other game since we were bashed all the time for using in-game voice chat. now we are able to talk about anything not just about game itself.
By stuntkid (SI Elite) on Sep 07, 2010
Not had many problems myself. I play within a small community and if theres a mic-spammer or the like an admin will mute/ban them :)
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 07, 2010
Well, I got my first Sennheiser Headset to play Battlefield 2, unfortunately I realized that most people either talk shit, have crappy mic's so you can't listen to them or sound is just so bad, it gets more annoying then good feedback, or they are simply dicks...

I believe that my only good experience with a headset in game was with the zombie Panic mod for HL2. We were three of eight players actually managing some sort of useful communication with each other.

After several years of gaming, this is my advice:
* Use it only amongst people you are used to play with, friends or a good team or friends online.

*Keep info to a minimum and always use press-to-talk

*Make sure everyone can hear you plain and clearly, otherwise just mute and play via text chat.

*Agree with others in the spawning room whether to try and use headset comms or not.
By bosnian_dragon (SI Core) on Sep 07, 2010
FoolWolf, that's exactly what I am annoyed with: people who find it amusing to chat while they are playing a game.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Sep 08, 2010
I personally use a bluetooth headset - from Apple. My audio from the game goes on the speakers, and the voice stuff goes trough my headset. That is the way I prefer it, because I hate those big sweaty headphones. Rather use a BT headset the size of my thumb :)
By V4ndall (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 09, 2010
I simply run my own teamspeak server. Been doing so since befere voicechats became popular in-game, and because of the reasons mentioned above, I never felt the urge to change it.
By Ridgy (SI Core Member) on Sep 12, 2010
Damn Kres I would take you up on that offer is BFBC2 was working on my machine...
By paelleon (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 15, 2010
Microphone chatting is really a good way to enjoy most online games (RTS too!), if you find the right buddies! I concour with the editorial, there are by far too many lone-wolf-doom-lovers out there that cannot even imagine how great is to win as part of a squad. Even in AmrA2, a game that usually scare the crap out of those guys ("WHAT? A 10 minutes walk and I got killed by the shockwave from an artillery shell not even aimed at me?!"), there are frustrated players that use whatever they can to ruin teamplay. Just show them hell!
By Kres (SI Elite) on Sep 15, 2010
We just started a project for getting organized games on SI. In short. A member can start a match, and he becomes a Commander. Other members can then apply/join those matches and become soldiers. Commander is responsible for making a battle plan drawn on a selected map where the match will be played on. Commander will have quick/easy/cool tools for it. Like icons where he will place each soldier on the battlefield/map.

It's in the idea sketch phase atm actually though!
By Ridgy (SI Core Member) on Sep 16, 2010
Sounds cool!
By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Sep 22, 2010
Talking ingame Isnt Bad , But Putting music or being annoying is just being a fag ..... Because communication is key , but Being a douche is not really a key , Its more like a big ass Alarm clock that doesnt stop ALARMING you ..... being so clocky !
By TekFella (SI Newbie) on Oct 05, 2010
Well when I was playing BF2 I stuck with clan servers that had active server admins., so if someone was being disruptive you could just notify the server admin and have that player kicked and then banned if same player returned with the same disruptive attitude.

I had some of the best team games on clan servers in BF2 using voice comm. mainly because the server admins didn't put up with annoying players, they quickly got kicked and/or a server ban.
There's nothing better in the world of FPS's than in BF2 a voice coordinated arty strike from Squad Leader to Commander on an enemy sniper or the good old supply crate drop onto him, yeah, good times!
By Kampy (SI Veteran Member) on Oct 06, 2010
I didnt read it all, but funny picture and people talking all the time on shooters totally spoils the game especially when you dont know them.
By K3Spice (SI Core) on Oct 18, 2010
In certain games I voice chat a lot because of the teamwork required to win. I mainly play on my PS3, and rarely have my mic on. Its funny just yesterday someone was playing music through their mic on BFBC2 on my PS3, and as far I know there is no way to mute people in game, so I had to turn on my mic and put it a side since thats the only way to stop the annoying music from coming out my speakers and disrupting my gameplay. A good example of a game that requires voice chat is SOCOM Confrontation, although buggy a lot of people play this game and most have mic's and dont over use them, esp. sence only one person can talk over the COMs at any time.