Chris Taylor boasts PC, "a matter of time" for triple-A browser titles
Posted: 07.09.2010 11:07 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Total Annihilation creator Chris Taylor says there’s no worry about PC because thanks to digital platforms, like Steam, it's the 'happening place'.

Even big boys are all invested in PC like Disney buying Playdom, EA and Playfish and Acti Blizz getting 70% of revenue from PC. It "was in disarray."

This stalwart defence of PC comes as Obsidian Entertainment is making Dungeon Siege III which releases for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Chris Taylor strongly believes that PC sales will seriously rival that of the console versions at retail thanks to digital stores.

"You've got almost every major player in the world buying a PC gaming company, whether it's Google investing in Zynga, Disney buying Playdom, EA buying Playfish, GameStop, the console videogame store, buying Kongregate, the free-to-play PC gaming company, Bobby Kotick announcing that 70 per cent of Activision Blizzard's revenue comes from the PC – 70 per cent!," said RTS veteran Taylor.

"When the next Star Wars launch is from BioWare, John Riccitiello is probably going to have similar stories to tell. It won't be as big, but he's trying to do that. In other words, he's buying PC businesses and he's trying to do things in the PC space because the PC is where all the opportunity is." Star Wars: The Old Republic from BioWare is due out early 2011.

"It's apparently exciting enough for all those major players to all want to get into the business. I'm not saying consoles are shrinking. It's all growing. Everything is growing," he continued. "It's amazing. It's like we love the drama of it."

Something else that will revolutionise the PC scene will be triple-A quality games played through web browsers and that's only a few years away believes Taylor. "It's a matter of time before you're playing a game of the quality of a triple-A game that we know and love, like a Supreme Commander 2 or a StarCraft II, in a browser experience," he said.

"There's no reason that won't happen within five to eight years."

"That's one of the reasons PC gaming breaks out in that space. No installation. No grief. No reading the box and wondering if you have a 7000 or 8000 series video card and DirectX what? It just plays. It works," added the GPG boss. "Wait till that happens full on."

Are you looking forward to Dungeon Siege III for PC, videogamer? Obsidian is taking the reins from Gas Powered Games for this new Dungeon Siege but Square Enix is keeping Chris Taylor closely linked with every major milestone to keep it 'true'.

Source: Eurogamer


By Eversor (SI Elite) on Sep 09, 2010
I don't like the idea of Browser based games at all. It might be convenient but it don't apeal to me.