Creative Assembly focusing on smooth Shogun 2: Total War launch
Posted: 14.09.2010 10:35 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
When Empire: Total War got into the hands of gamers it was beset by a number of troubles and Creative Assembly spent 6 months patching it.

The studio is determined to see fans enjoy a "deep, involving experience" of Shogun 2 at launch, noting that Napoleon was "incredibly stable".

"We absolutely want to make sure that the people playing" Shogun 2: Total War at launch have "a deep, involving experience at launch," said lead designer, Jamie Ferguson.

"Judge us by our last game, Napoleon, which was incredibly stable, well balanced and required little or no patching. As with any PC software I'm sure it had its issues with some but it was a genuinely very good, balanced and stable experience," added James Russell.

Creative Assembly "heard that feedback and it wasn't ignored," they said referring to numerous problems that marred Empire: Total War during its early post-launch days. Balance issues and performance bugs plagued the grand strategy.

"What I used to say to the forum was 'a game sold is not a game forgotten', the reason we spent six months on patches for Empire is because we cared, we didn't want the game to be left in a state where people weren't enjoying it," he said.

"We certainly took that ethos right into Napoleon and on release it was a stable, solid and good experience, people can look at that as a contract for the future."

Shogun 2 is a remake of the original Total War game that started the franchise. It focuses solely on Japan during the time of competing warlords who all wanted to unite the national under a single banner. It releases exclusively for PC.

Source: CVG
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Sep 14, 2010
Okay I am optimistic for this one having been a TW fan from the very first release. However, I still believe they missed a huge opporutnity in not basing this game on China during the Han Dynasty (watch "Red Cliff", "Three Kingdoms", "The Warlords" etc and see what you're missing).
Anyway, need to upgrade my PC for this puppy, as with all new TW games.