Bungie up Halo: Reach level cap
Posted: 20.10.2010 11:27 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Bungie says they'll be "blowing the lid off" Halo: Reach's current level cap of Lt Colonel Grade Three, but only once 117m challenges are completed.

The studio estimates this should happen in November with the new ranks then made "magically available for you" in the Armory. Better get to work.

"When you do cross the 117 Million mark, we'll celebrate by blowing the lid off the level cap! In the immediate aftermath, new ranks and armor will be made magically available for you inside The Armory, provided you have the rank and credits required," said Bungie.

"Time to get to work! Oh, and no, we won't be counting boosted challenges," they added. While a level cap is currently in force gamers are earning their way to higher ranks with all the glory they've been accumulating. Bungie posted some fun facts:

• 16,445 Man-Years have been spent playing Halo: Reach (Not to be confused with Dog-Years)
• 784,000,000 player-games have been played (1 game with 4 players is tallied as 4 player-games)
• 544,000,000,000 Credits have been earned (spend that money, playa!)
• 3,900,000 Screenshots have been uploaded (and plenty of them feature juvenile looks at Kat's "bad side")
• 5,970,000 total files have been uploaded (your bandwidth bill is in the mail)
• 300,000,000 Mountain Dews were do'd
Source: Eurogamer
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By angelone (SI Veteran Member) on Oct 20, 2010
Ugg and I just got to major and now there adding more levels...but hey more gear to unlock so I guess its worth it! Way to go bungie.