Frontlines: Fuel of War PS3 Canceled? *UPDATED*
Posted: 21.01.2008 09:26 by Kres Comments: 0
Frontlines: Fuel of War for the PlayStation 3 might have been canceled according to rumours scattering around the Internet this morning. US retailers are reported to have been notified by email about the cancellation, but this could still be false information.

Kaos Studios has responded to this rumor by stating; “Again, please do not overreact to rumours or, like with release dates, take what retailers say as truth. The timing of this was unfortunate as it was the weekend but there will be actual info shortly”

So if it has been canceled we'll know more about it later on today. Stay tuned.

Update: THQ has issued a statement about Frontlines: Fuel of War for the PlayStation 3. They say that the game hasn't been canceled, its just been delayed.

More info on Frontlines: Fuel of War...

Frontlines development team has assured the gaming world that this title is not cancelled for the PlayStation 3. It has just been delayed, as usual.