Legends of Wrestlemania unveiled by THQ, reviving cult wrestlers
Posted: 07.05.2008 11:42 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
Yes THQ is digging into the past to bring some of the wrestling entertainment industries greatest names back into the spotlight, at least in the videogame.

The game will be available on the Xbox360 and PS3, hoping to hit the ring sometime next spring around March.

It's unclear yet what classic legends of wrestling are going to be given the voodoo resurrection rituals by JAKKS, developer of SmackDown Vs. Raw. I'm sure the fans can't wait for the early nineties spandex suits to get a dust off and splattered with blood, sinew and heart wrenching boasts.

"JAKKS Pacific is pleased to introduce a new WWE videogame property to the fighting genre," said Nelo Lucich, senior vice president of interactive, JAKKS Pacific.

"The WWE SmackDown vs. Raw franchise has captured a collective audience of WWE fans, game enthusiasts and casual players, and we are confident that WWE Legends of WrestleMania will be poised for great success."