Stargate Resistance closes 2011
Posted: 24.11.2010 13:12 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Online shooter-thon Stargate Resistance will be switching off its servers January 15th as the game officially retires. Purchases have already been disabled.

Developer Cheyenne Mountain won back the rights to Resistance but MGM rescinded the Stargate license shortly before, ending their hopes entirely.

This of course has already ended the long development of MMO Stargate Worlds as license holder MGM lost confidence in the development studio, as it continued to teeter on the edge of bankruptcy before inevitably declaring itself so.

Stargate Resistance was created as a way for Cheyenne Mountain to profit from something while Worlds was still being heavily developed - it didn't take very well and was sold to Dark Orbit Games before Cheyenne sued them for control back.
Source: BigDownload