Actor blames today's videogames for "worst movies in history"
Posted: 25.11.2010 11:45 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
The reason Hollywood is sucking right now? Videogames. It has nothing to do with the constant reboots being shovelled out or a lack of originality.

That's the general and "humble opinion" of US actor Billy Bob Thornton, who stars in the new film Faster alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Yes it's our fault as an industry and this damn "videogame-playing generation" for feeding an entertainment medium that's engulfing all others with its success.

"We're living in a time when we're making - in my humble opinion - the worst movies in history," Thornton said in an interview.

"They're geared toward the videogame-playing generation. And these videogames, which I'm on my son about constantly, these games are people killing for fun, and I think traditionally in movies, there's always been some kind of lesson in the violent movies." Yes, Terminator was all about ...erm, keeping machines retarded for our sake.

Rambo - don't treat Vietnam vets badly or they'll smack your town around. Armageddon - nuke the crap out of anything that's rock shaped and near Earth. Movies have messages, so were you paying attention? Natural Born Killers - mass media loves psychopaths.

"This movie doesn't say, 'Oh, here's this fun guy and we're going to do this tongue-in-cheek character right out of a videogame who likes to destroy things' and all this kind of thing," said Thornton about his new film Faster.

"This movie actually shows what prisons create, what murder creates. It shows this perpetual, violent string of events." Do you feel the shame, videogamer? You can just feel the message pouring out from the trailer below - can't you? Obvious Oscar winner.

Source: Eurogamer
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By Nicolas19 (SI Core Veteran) on Nov 25, 2010
What a jerk. I'd say he just made that ridiculous statement to have some promo for the movie between the web-loving target audience, but I doubt he's smart enough for that. Nice commentary, though :)
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 26, 2010
Very narrow-minded Billy Bob. He is without a doubt angry with the fall of Hollywood and therefore the dropping of movie deals and less work for actors. Get a grip fellah. It's television that's destroying the movie industry, and always has been. Just more so now with a lot of lead actors at home on the box.
Thankfully he is not a so-called celebrity with mindless Joe-Public to echo his rant.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Nov 27, 2010
And here I was almost blaming the US movie industry lack of perspective and integrity for all the bad games out there ;)

Billy Bob has participated in how many good movies? IMO Bad Santa is the only one coming to mind - and that is OK. Avatar? Most costly colourful piece of crap in years... Who is releasing crap I wonder?

I think it was Kotaku or some other gaming site that simple and wonderfully put it like this: Bad movies are not the gaming scenes fault - but Hollywood's own problem.
By fltatk (SI Veteran Member) on Nov 28, 2010
Like in my good neighboring country, there has to be someone to blame for everything.
By CobraTheVenom (SI Veteran Newbie) on Nov 28, 2010
Yes, and they has to blame games... What a suckers...