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Shang Tsung revealed for Mortal Kombat

Posted: 08.04.2011 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 5
The roll call for the 2011 reboot of Mortal Kombat keeps increasing as the nefarious Shang Tsong has been unveiled by NetherRealm Studios.

Super Street Fighter IV DLC vid leaked

Posted: 07.04.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Console Tech has leaked a Super Street Fighter IV video that shows off an unannounced downloadable content pack that will bring Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III and Evil Ryu and Oni to the roster.

Live-action Mortal Kombat April 12th, first episode before game

Posted: 07.04.2011 by Technet2k

Comments: 3
The planned web-based live action series for Mortal Kombat premiers April 12th at 4pm PST, or April 13th at midnight GMT. It'll air to fans through YouTube.

It arrives before the new Warner Bros game of Mortal Kombat from NetherRealm, which releases April 19th. The actors will "show off their gaming skill".

Silverlight grants access to Windows Phone 7 games on Xbox 360

Posted: 06.04.2011 by JamieSI

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In 2007 Microsoft released Silverlight, a flash alternative that allows the development community to create Internet content such as games and applications.

Since its release, Silverlight has been through five different versions and has since been integrated into mobile devices such as Windows Phone 7.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ships 2 million, demand at "all-time high"

Posted: 30.03.2011 by Technet2k

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11 years have passed since the last Marvel vs. Capcom was released and that meant demand was ravenous among fans, and "expectations were soaring."

Capcom announce that 2 million copies have been shipped globally, certainly exceeding its predecessor thanks to the "resurgence of the fighting game boom".

First 2 Mortal Kombat DLC characters revealed

Posted: 28.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Netherrealm Studios has revealed the first two characters that will be available as downloadable content for Mortal Kombat: Kenshi and Scarlet.

Both characters are crafted from the ground up, the developer told CVG in an interview: "They won't be copy and pasted from characters already in the game - they're going to have their own unique fighting styles, moves, fatalities and x-rays - all the good stuff."

Mortal Kombat tag team trailer

Posted: 25.03.2011 by Technet2k

Comments: 4
NetherRealm has decided to sate our hunger for some Scorpion and Sub-Zero brawling as they release their latest trailer for Warner Bros' Mortal Kombat.

As this is a tease for the game's tag team mode it also has Cyrax and Sektor. The pairs square off against each other, easily switching out mid-fight.

Mortal Kombat gameplay "keeps people coming back" says dev

Posted: 24.03.2011 by Technet2k

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Netherrealm say that Mortal Kombat's gameplay keep the masses "coming back" each time. Gameplay is "at the heart" of Mortal Kombat they said.

It's the one way they can ensure they're "competitive" with the other brawler franchises, like Street Fighter and Tekken. Netherrealm after "tournament" grade.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay balancing being tweaked?

Posted: 22.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

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A new update for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is raising eyebrows, as Capcom has rebalanced some of the character abilities to tweak the game balance.

River City Ransom 2 announced

Posted: 19.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

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A sequel to the classic beat'em up game River City Ransom will be coming to consoles this summer in Japan, and later for PC.

Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition unveils, figurine and art book

Posted: 18.03.2011 by Technet2k

Comments: 34
Warner Brothers have pulled the sheet off the Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition, which is available now for pre-ordering. Scorpion and Sub-Zero figurine!

Yep you get a fancy figurine plus a 110+ page art book full of concepts. There's an in-game Retro Ninja Costume too for Ermac, and Xbox 360/PS3 avatar gear.

WB Games licenses Unreal Engine 3 thru 2014

Posted: 17.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Having been sufficiently impressed with the graphic engine which has powered such games as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham City, Warner Brothers Interactive has announced that they will license the engine for all WB games through 2014.

Mortal Kombat fails Aussie ratings appeal

Posted: 15.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Warner Bros Interactive Australia today announced to a nation of disappointed gamers that the appeal against the refused classification (RC) decision for the Mortal Kombat reboot has failed, and that the game is effectively banned from the country.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Jill and Shuma-Gorath DLC gets delayed

Posted: 14.03.2011 by Technet2k

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Scheduled for tomorrow on the PlayStation Store was the latest piece of roster DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, however Capcom announce it will postpone.

At least it definitely will be in Japan after the earthquakes - it's unclear if other regions will be following suit. A new date will be announced later by Capcom.

Mortal Kombat has 'hidden fighters'

Posted: 08.03.2011 by Technet2k

Comments: 2
Achievements for Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat have leaked, revealing the roster includes 'Cyber Sub-Zero' and 'Quan-Tease' as hidden fighters to be unlocked.

Each of those are worth 20 points to the Gamerscore. Another secret achievement is 'Complet-ality' where we need to "perform 1 of each type of "-ality".

Namco announce King of Iron Fist Tournament monthly in London

Posted: 08.03.2011 by Technet2k

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The UK will play host to monthly 'Tekken Force Tournaments' announce Namco Bandai, in London's arcade packed Trocadero at the HMV Gamerbase.

These tournaments take place "the last Friday of every month" from 7pm to 11pm. It's Tekken 6 on PlayStation 3 only with prizes up for grabs each time.

Mortal Kombat 3D okay for 2D viewing, levels "look a bit blurry"

Posted: 07.03.2011 by Technet2k

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The upcoming Mortal Kombat game for PS3 supports 3D and 2D simulanteous viewing as the studio didn't want to "complicate things needlessly" for fans.

The characters "appear crisp and clean" in 2D while it's the backgrounds that alter for 3D, to make the fighters appear to 'pop' out. No fatalities over 3D specs.

Exclusive PS3 demo for Mortal Kombat launches on 8th March

Posted: 03.03.2011 by JamieSI

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Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios has just confirmed that an exclusive PS3 demo will be released for Mortal Kombat on 8th March. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have exclusive access to the demo until 15th March when it opens up to everyone.

Warner to fight Mortal Kombat ban

Posted: 02.03.2011 by Technet2k

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The mighty Warner Bros. is to fight to a legal fatality the decision by the Australian Classification Review Board to slap Mortal Kombat an RC verdict.

RC stands for 'Refused Classification', meaning it gets banned in Oz. Warner feels MK's violence is "on par with numerous other titles" cleared for sale.

Mortal Kombat banned in Oz

Posted: 25.02.2011 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 6
Predictably, the 2011 reboot of Mortal Kombat has been banned in Australia, denying adult Aussie gamers their right to the entertainment of their choice because there's no R18+ rating there.