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04 Dec 2006

Little Britain

Little Britain The Video Game is a fun and entertaining collection of mini-games presented in the format of an episode from the TV show and players can get interactive with their favourite sketch show characters in a series of eight mini-games featuring Lou and Andy, Vicky Pollard, Mr. Mann, Emily and Florence, Marjorie Dawes, Daffyd Thomas,...
Genre: Adventure
30 Nov 2006

Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation: Comedy

Talk show host Myra Stump has gone berzerk! Sam & Max head down to the WARP TV studio to find out why she's holding her audience hostage. But getting onto Myra's stage isn’t going to be easy. First the Freelance Police will have to prove they're worthy of fifteen minutes of fame.
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 8.0
28 Nov 2006

Tasty Planet

Tasty Planet plays like a 2d version of the console hit Katamari Damacy. There are three different game modes to choose from: normal, time attack, and endurance. Normal mode is easy-going fun. Time attack pits you against the clock to see how fast you can eat the level. Endurance mode is a tribute to the original growth game Shark Shark.
Genre: Adventure
22 Nov 2006

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Enter the whimsical world of Oz and be sucked back into a timeless classic!

Based on the tale of a majestic land, climb aboard for a magical ride into the world beyond the deserts.

With the Wicked Witch of the East now gone, it is your duty to free the remaining Munchkins from their jeweled prisons and bring order back to...
Genre: Adventure
17 Nov 2006


Assume the role of Armado the armadillo and embark upon a great adventure to free the Queen of the land. The Queen is a Great Eagle, the last of an ancient race. While on a journey to visit the Queen, Armado learned of a growing darkness from the South; armies of giant ants marching Northward. They moved slowly at first, but eventually...
Genre: Adventure
14 Nov 2006

Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

“Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens” is set some years after his last adventure in the magic World. During a fight over the TV remote with his younger brother, Simon is knocked unconscious. In the dream that follows he has a vision of Alix, his lady-friend from the Magic World. She tells him a “Simon” doppelganger is causing all kinds of...
Genre: Adventure
13 Nov 2006

Destination Treasure Island

Four years have passed since the end of the adventure recounted in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. Jim Hawkins has become an upstanding adventurous young man, attentive to those around him. Imagine his surprise when, one morning, he sees a parrot enter his bedroom window : none other than Captain Flint, Long John's own companion. The bird brings...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 6.8
10 Nov 2006

Days of Sail: Wind over Waters

Days of Sail: Wind over Waters takes you to the sunny Greek islands and puts you right on the deck of a speedy and lavish sailboat, giving you the chance to experience the tension-filled atmosphere of a racing regatta event in the tropical paradise of the Mediterranean Sea. It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or adept navigator. Your...
Genre: Adventure
10 Nov 2006

Triple Word Play

Word Buzz from Tik Games challenges players to form as many words as possible in search of Clue words. Every word earns points but the Clue words earn the biggest bonuses; Quick thinking and a strong vocabulary are essential to win. Word Buzz has three game modes, unlimited levels and beautiful graphics for hours of enjoyment.
Genre: Adventure
07 Nov 2006

Rainbow Mystery

Rainbow Mystery is a terrific fun from the creators of Rainbow Web! This time you join a young fairy of flowers, Lily, on her quest to break the curse in the swap-and-match puzzle. Some time passes and the evil wizards turn the Rainbow world into a tainted landscape. But Lily is determined to bring life and color into this world again. Help Lily...
Genre: Adventure
07 Nov 2006

Babel Deluxe

No official fact sheet avaliable.
Genre: Adventure
07 Nov 2006

Myst Online: Uru Live

This game is the revival of the missing multiplayer component from Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, a first-person fantasy adventure game.
Genre: Adventure
06 Nov 2006

Hitchcock: the Final Cut

Now, for the first time, Universal Studios, Arxel Tribe and Wanadoo invite you to enter a world full of suspense and action in this new adventure thriller game. Relive some of Hitchcock's true masterpieces, and investigate the disappearance of one of Hitchcock's most loyal and dangerous admirers...

Joseph Shamley is a private eye who...
Genre: Adventure
30 Oct 2006

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Inspired by the first Tomb Raider videogame, originally released in 1996, LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: ANNIVERSARY is a totally new 2006 adventure for Lara, faithfully preserving the elements which made the original Tomb Raider such a classic, selling over 7 million copies worldwide. Using an enhanced ‘Tomb Raider: Legend’ game engine, the graphics,...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 8.2
27 Oct 2006

Sonic Riders

More information coming soon....
Genre: Adventure
16 Oct 2006

Cash Out

Cash Out is a casino-style game piece busting phenomenon! Match three or more like game pieces and see how long you can last! Do you have what it takes to bring down the house?

# Classic, Challenge and Relaxed Modes of play!
# Exciting casino themed environments and sounds!
#Pick-up and play at your...
Genre: Adventure
15 Oct 2006

Blasterball 3

Blasterball 3 is a fresh new spin on the classic series that's sold millions worldwide! Get set to break your way though mesmerizing patterns of colorful bricks as you collect 24 unique items along the way - some helpful, some not. Remember that bricks aren't the only thing you'll need to contend with ... roaming enemies will attempt to deflect...
Genre: Adventure
12 Oct 2006

Ed, Edd, n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

The Ed, Edd n Eddy videogame allows players access to all three Eds at once, using each character's wacky abilities. Experience all of the outrageous fun in an interactive version of the show!

#TAG TEAM GAMEPLAY: Control all three crazy characters at the same time and swap the lead character on the fly to take...
Genre: Adventure
11 Oct 2006

Ankh: Heart of Osiris

(No official description available.)
Genre: Adventure
11 Oct 2006

The Black Corsair

At the beginning of 17th the seas were a dangerous place for exploration, for a ship full of gold travelling from Caribbean. The pirates were on your back, ready to plunder any ship, attracted by the chance to accumulate enormous treasures in short time. Corsairs were against both pirates and commercial ships. Corsairs (also called...
Genre: Adventure
09 Oct 2006

Dragons Lair 3D

Become one with Dirk the Daring, whose intentions are always good and honest, as you step into a marvelous world of fully animated dungeons, dragons, castle traps, wizards, potions and spells. It is the detailed retelling of the tale in which Singe kidnapped Daphne, only this time you are in full control of Dirk's and Daphne's destiny. It's up...
Genre: Adventure
02 Oct 2006

Pizza Panic

The people of Crustville are hungry, and it's your job to deliver warm, tasty pizzas from Mr Ravioli's reputable restaurant. Get ready to race around the city, rolling and jumping your way through streets, fences, roof tops, boat decks and more. The goal of each level is to deliver all orders and collect enough coins to make Mr. Ravioli...
Genre: Adventure
29 Sep 2006

Shrek the Third

Based on the latest animated film in the Shrek series, Shrek the Third.
Genre: Adventure
28 Sep 2006

Dumbow & Cool

Dumbow & Cool is a 3D platforming game for PC. Set in a cartoony world, the game offers two playable characters called Dumbow and Cool. One can swim, the other can skate, and they must be used together if the player is to succeed. As well as the usual 3D platformer elements, Dumbow & Cool has a unique two character dynamic - the player will have...
Genre: Adventure
27 Sep 2006

Forest Resort

Forest Resort, an addicting arcade / puzzle game that mixes action with time management. The animals in the forest are out of food and it is up to Heather to help them and restore the forest. Hire chorus, doormen, guard and learn new skills to serve the ever demanding customers. Forest Resort features 49 levels of play. There are six cute...
Genre: Adventure
27 Sep 2006

The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker

Upon awakening on the morning of the yearly festival, teenage Axys and the people of Pacifico Island are shocked by the disappearance of their once-beautiful vegetation. Colorful flowers and soft green grass have been overrun by ugly, rough weeds. The unwelcome plants have invaded the farms and are threatening to eat away the islanders' crops....
Genre: Adventure
26 Sep 2006

L.A. Noire

"L.A Noire is an interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940's. L.A. Noire blends action, detection and complex storytelling and draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 8.5
13 Sep 2006

Gumboy: Crazy Adventures

Have you ever played with a ball, balloon, tennis ball or with the ever-popular rubber ball? Each time it was universal and simple never-ending fun. That is what Gumboy is based on, connecting the time-tested and popular characteristics of a rubber ball with the simplicity of the first video games.
Genre: Adventure
09 Sep 2006


Tilt the board to guide your ball through the maze to the exit collecting the gold tokens along the way. Sound easy? Why not play it and tell us that after! Bounce, fall and dodge your way through over 50 levels of challenging fun.
Genre: Adventure
06 Sep 2006

Rayman: Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids™ marks the return of the iconic video-game hero, Rayman, in his funniest and zaniest adventure ever. When the world of Rayman is threatened by a devastating invasion of crazed, out-of-control bunnies Rayman must rise up against his furry foes to foil their wicked plans. Utilizing an array of amazing new abilities, and with...
Genre: Adventure
05 Sep 2006

Birds On A Wire

Birds On A Wire is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the world of cute Birds. Explore 3 unique gameplay modes, with 250 mind-blowing levels at each mode, with various power-up bonuses. Try to find ancient Big Golden Bird artifact which can stop birds laugh invasion. Birds will try to distract you, by resorting...
Genre: Adventure
21 Aug 2006

The 3 Vikings

For those of you who remember Worms would be familiar with this game - but instead of shooting worms, you work out with Orcs and Witches!

In this game, you control 3 little Vikings and a cannon. You task is to save village folks from Orcs, Skeletons and Monsters which happened to escape from a Hollywood movie scene and rage havoc on...
Genre: Adventure
09 Aug 2006

Ninja Loves Pirate

Ninja Loves Pirate is the ultimate nostalgic sidescrolling platform arcade adventure. Play as ninja or pirate, or both! Fight against zombies, robots and big bad ass bosses through a visually striking game. With loveable characters, humoristic story, majestic music and perfect pixels this game is the ultimate retro trip. Capturing the feeling of...
Genre: Adventure
07 Aug 2006

Dylo's Adventure

Help Dylo to save the world! The future of life on Earth as we know is in danger!

A game suitable for all ages, fun and challenging for both hardcore and casual players. Dylo is a cool dino who gets involved into the risky adventure of saving his prehistoric homeland from outer space invaders. Help him to take down the evil martians...
Genre: Adventure
03 Aug 2006

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is an immersive adventure game filled with song and dance that puts the player in the “tap shoes” of Mumble, a young penguin born into a nation of singing Emperor Penguins. Unfortunately, Mumble can’t sing a note...but he can tap dance something fierce! Mumble’s inability to find his “Heart-Song” means that he can never truly belong,...
Genre: Adventure
24 Jul 2006

Legend: Hand of God

Legend: Hand of God gives players a fantasy scenario. They will be helping a young adept by fighting the evil – and will have to stand in loads of action filled battles.

Unique graphic features like the cinematic combat system will make even watching the battles fun: Enemies will be fought depending on their size – so it can happen...
Genre: Adventure
19 Jul 2006

Clive Barker's Jericho

Clive Barker’s Jericho is being designed as an action horror title that will up the stakes in visuals and phantasmagorical special effects. Mingling the darkest elements of Barker’s horror fiction and films with an ambitious, age-spanning story, the title will be aimed at mature gamers, fans of Clive Barker and horror fiction enthusiasts.
Genre: Adventure
18 Jul 2006


LUXOR Mahjong sends you on an epic quest to find the stolen treasures of Ancient Egypt. Search for the Golden Ankh Keys to unlock chamber doors, and recover some of Egypt's greatest riches to ascend the ranks of society from a lowly farmhand to the Pharaoh of all Egypt! The game features 200 distinctive mahjong layouts, magical power-ups, three...
Genre: Adventure
17 Jul 2006


Flowerman is a game about a guy named JIMMY and his wife JESSIE, who have a small house, little baby and a garden full of troubles that You have never ever dreamed about before ! Let me explain..

Jimmy and Jessie are very happy couple. They take care about each other, they feed their baby, they water the plants, clean the garden...
Genre: Adventure
17 Jul 2006

Rage of Magic II

Rage of Magic II is the continuation of Majinwar, an epic fantasy fighting adventure featuring devastating combos, huge super attacks and exciting new power-ups! It's available for Windows NT/2K/XP, Mac OS X and Linux.
Genre: Adventure
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