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Bs Game Studio Presents.

Ottoman Rise Mod.

This campaing mod has made by Bs Game Studio lets you play the early Ottoman wars which you never play before.In the games you always see Turks with massive armys with brave jannisserys or cavalrys.But what happened before them.How was the Ottoman Empire look like at 13.Century.With this campaing you can play the first years of Empire and fight aganist Mongol invaders and Byzantines.If you want to build Ottoman Empire again learn its history and feel its power of jannisserys or the bombard cannons.We recommend you to play it.

Mod Inculdes

All of them georapicly correct 9 campaing maps.(Bursa , Anatolia , İstanbul , Middle East , Vienna)

Have chance to fight aganist Byzantines Mongols and other turkish enemy’s.

Improved Ai(Mongols attacks with cavalry and Byzantine stays on deffence)

You can live the time line of the Empire mission by mission(At first you only have cavalry’s when you reach the Orhan Sultan’s time you can make janisserys or at the Sultan Mehmed’s time you can make bombard canons)

Information messages helps you play and gives historical information.

All campaing maps and extra maps for multiplayer and skirmish battles.
Campaing Missions

1.Reaching The Sogut Province and settling
--Take control of the villages in Sogut.
--Protect those villages from Mongol and Brigand attacks.
--Save Turkish prisoners from Brigands
--Destroy all enemy camps.
2.Taking Contol Of Bursa City (in progress)
3.Reaching The Thrace (in progress)
4.Fighting Aganist Crusades (in progress)
5.Fighting Aganis Timurlenk’s army and restoring the order in Anatolia (in progress)
6.Siege of İstanbul(in progress)
7.Conquering İstanbul(in progress)
8.Fighting Aganist Mamlukes(in progress)
9.Conquering Cario and Muslim Holy Lands(in progress)
10.Figting aganist Holy Roman Empire and siege of Vienna(in progress)

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