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Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Cheats & Codes

Press Enter to open the Chat Window, then type:

Code: Description:
BIG BERTHA Heavy catapults are stronger
BIG DADDY Fast black car with a rocket launcher
BLACK RIDER Horse archers become black riders
COINAGE Gain 1000 gold
DARK RAIN Composite bowmen turn into trees
DIEDIEDIE All opponents die
E=MC2 TROOPER Creates a super trooper
FLYING DUTCHMAN Catapult ships can go on land
GAIA Lets you control the animals, but not your men
HARI KARI Commit suicide
HOMERUN Win the current scenario
HOYOHOYO Priests are faster and stronger
ICBM Ballistas get 100 range points
JACK BE NIMBLE Catapults shoot strange objects
KILLX Kill player X
KING ARTHUR Turns the eagle into a dragon
NO FOG Removes fog of war
PEPPERONI PIZZA Gain 1000 food
QUARRY Gain 1000 stone
RESIGN You resign
REVEAL MAP Reveal the entire map
STEROIDS Buildings and people are created instantly
WOODSTOCK Gain 1000 Wood
BIG MOMMA Fast white car with a rocket launche


Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
Trainer 13 KB Download it!
1.0a Trainer 24 KB Download it!
1.0b Trainer 253 KB Download it!
+4 Trainer 68 KB Download it!
Trainer 13 KB Download it!


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are fullversion games are avalable here