Map: Nicaria
This is a map that i worked on for about a week... I've tested, triggered, and modded this map, it's... Perfect.
  File Name: Nicaria.scn     Author: IDEATH
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  Downloads: 12,815 (18 last week)   Author Downloads: 12,815 (18 last week)
  Posted: 03.10.2009   Supporters: 8 (+1 Add)
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By IDEATH (I just got here) on Aug 16, 2011
Everyone! Thank you for the great ratings!! =D I'm glad you liked my map, I worked hard on it. I haven't played this game for a year or so but I might be back creating new maps soon!

Please comment and tell me what you think! =D
By lioscool (I just got here) on Sep 10, 2012
Can you help me. I want to make my own maps to play with my friends. tell me how