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Space Hulk 2nd Edition; White Dwarf #199

Relief Force Ares was dispatched when deep space auguries in the Ultima Segmentum detected the
approach of the Tyranids. This ravening threat was nearing the colony of Corinthe and the Dark Angels
were notified of the situation. The transport ship Vengeful Blade dropped out of warp space a mere two
days travel from the colony, with the Space Marines on board chanting their Catechisms of War as they
prepared to reinforce the meager troops of the Corinthian Planetary Defense Force.

However, as the Vengeful Blade's vast engines powered it towards the outpost, reality was torn apart
again as another, much larger ship dropped out of the warp. It was a space hulk, an immense monstrosity
almost fifty kilometers long and half as wide, a horrific conglomeration of alien ships which scans
showed to contain a swarm of Genestealers.

Captain Ares considered his position. Which was the greater threat, the space hulk, dubbed the Bringer of
Sorrow, or the imminent attack by the Tyranids? The Vengeful Blade would take a least a day, maybe
more, to destroy the space hulk. The Vengeful Blade was built for speed rather than strength and to smash
the hulk would really require a dedicated battleship, which could take weeks to arrive, by which time the
hulk could be lost again.

News then arrived that the Techmarines under Ares' command had found another way of demolishing the
Bringer of Sorrow. Preliminary scans had located a massive reactor, remnants of some ancient alien
starship of huge size. If it could be made to overload, the resultant detonation would destroy the hulk.
More information would have to be gathered first, but if the Dark Angels acted swiftly they could destroy
the hulk within a matter of hours rather than days.

The few squads of Deathwing Terminators on board donned their armor, checked their weapons and
prepared to board the Bringer of Sorrow. As the boarding torpedoes powered across the ether, word
arrived from Corinthe : the first Tyranid ships were just outside the system. Speed was of the essence and
the Space Marines could not afford to fail.

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