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Survival Mod for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

It's goal is to make game more Survival and less COD like. It tweak weapon parameters to be accurate to the Movies universe, and do make real damage to an Aliens. Aliens now are real threat, no more fistfighting with the most deadly killing machine in the universe, if tey get you - you are allmost for shure are a deadman. NPC marines and mercs are now deal some more damage to aliens too, they now have steel BB instead of rubber bullets.))

I'm now working on third version (1.3) of mod. It will tweak all weapon damage values (except flamethrower and granades, they are looks ok), weapon rate of fire values, weapon magazine size (Pulse Rifle), weapon upgrades values, and Aliens strength.

This is a list of currently done changes (for 1.3 version):

1.damage x2.1
2.rate of fire 900 || 1100 with increased rate of fire upgrade
3.magazine size 95 || 99 with extended magazine (now (with moded weapon damage) 4 clear shots can mean dead Alien)
4.max ammo caried 380 (4 magazines)

Pump ShotGun:
1.damage x1.4

Auto Shotgun:
1.damage x1.4

Submachine gun:
1.damage x1.7

Smart Gun:
1.damage x3
2.rate of fire 1200

Sentry Gun:
1.damage x1.5
2.rate of fire 1100

1.mele damage x2.5

1.mele damage x2.5

1.acid damage x3

Tail Stab:
1.damage x1.5
Instructions:1.Remove (BACKUP!!!!) PecanGame.upk and PecanGame.upk.uncompressed_size files from SteamsteamappscommonAliens Colonial MarinesPecanGameCookedPCConsole2.Copy PecanGame.upk from archive to SteamsteamappscommonAliens Colonial MarinesPecanGameCookedPCConsole3.Start game. without PecanGame.upk.uncompressed_size game will recognize uncompressed moded upk normally.
Made by Battou (Andrey Egorov) Russia.))

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