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----Aliens: Colonial Mariens after 1.2.0 Update----
(It works even with the DLC "Bug hunt")

Manual (English, German) Download:


Custom Settings:

- Shadowresolution improved
- Textureresolution improved
- Xenos don´t fade away after death
- Surround Sound 5.1 enabled
- Gama correction (dropped down a littel bit)
- toggle the HUD on / off with F1
- No Intro Videos at startup (Sega...)

- Sweet FX with my own settings
- SweetFX1986 Version by agatsum inkl. at V1.5

Nvidia Inspector
- Nvidia Inspector with my own settings

TexMod (Cilitbäng - Pack V1.6)
- Disabled "The Grain" with TexMod. (You don´t need that after update 1.1.1)
- Gloves (from AVPGalaxy)
- SmallHQPack (from AVPGalaxy)
- Dirty PR (from agatsum)
- Kalec84ModPack1

It works great with the Survival Mod from "agatsum" But it don´t work after update 1.1.1

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