Aliens vs. Predator : Multiplayer Trailer

Sega has released a trailer for Aliens vs. Predator featuring journalists talking about the multiplayer aspects of the game.
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Length: 03:01
Comments: 4
Posted on: 01.12.2009
Genre: Shooter
Available on: PC, PS VITA
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By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Dec 02, 2009
Well, it does look kinda nice. :)
By Rightover (SI Newbie) on Dec 03, 2009
Yeah...I like this Game!
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Dec 03, 2009
Hmm, a few things have me concerned - as in - "If I'm gonna pay for it - I don't want this to be an issue":
1. So many console controllers, for PC - I hope they take advantage of mouse and keyboard FULL benefits and make the controls tight!
2. The game in the video didn't really look that next Gen to me. The Alien head and all weren't that particular. Perhaps it is just the small format, I hope so.
3. Frantic. Of course that is how the movies are, but you need to be able to play the races and if the game is one instant death-from-behind festival - then I will pass. I hope that stays in the MP bit ;)
Other then that, I do want this one to turn out well!
By Hunter_Raj (SI Member) on Dec 04, 2009
yeah i Waiting for this game.