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Posted on 05/09/2008 01:55
Points: 541
SI Core Member

Alien vs Predator 2 is awesum!!!

This game rocks in almost every direction!

The graphics is amazing... The story for all three of the characters (Alien, Marine, Predator) is outstanding. The gameplay is one of the best! This game deserves 8.1% if... Read More
8.1 superb
Posted on 11/23/2007 06:38
Points: 265
SI Veteran Member

Terror and tension on your monitor

If you like the Alien movies, you MUST play at this game! It has everything! Scared, but awesome equipped, colonial marines, lurking predators and, most of all, tons and tons of aliens! Music and sound effects are directly taken from the movies, dark... Read More
8.5 superb