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" You went to sleep as normal, though troubled by furious headaches. An experimental potion left you drowsy - as intended - and moments after laying in bed, you were stuck in a dream land.

These dreams end up being nightmares, and escape from your personal horror begins to seem further and further away."

This mod took me a few weeks of off-and on work/testing to complete, using bits and pieces of things i've learned along the way. With my expanded knowledge of the HPL2 engine, I hope to in the future work on something even better.

It lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour plus - depending on how you play, and how fast you are to figure things out.

Many thanks to Phoroneus (Creator of the Harvest mod) for creating the "Carry Torch", It's an awesome addition to the features on Amnesia! Check it out here

For now, I hope you enjoy this..



leave comments and reviews, I'd love to have feedback to put towards future projects!

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