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Possible bugs

- There was a problem in last level(Graveyard), where the enemies
couldnīt be affected by game scripts, so their behaviour can seem quite
unusual and unlogical.(The scripts simply donīt work, as they are set correctly there - but hey, which engine has no mistakes? And HPL2 is one of the best to work with). Some scripts may jamm as well, I noticed it
mostly in "Offices" level. But thereīs nothing that can stop you from
finishing the game, if you survive.
- Player MAY spawn in bad location after death - The respawns are on predefinied location and the game decides on which the player spawns(after death), so there is a POSSIBILITY that the player will spawn somewhere behind locked door or whereever - but I tried to solve this problem. Just want to let you all know, so you do not have no clue, where you suddenly are or how did you got there after your death.

- If there was found something buggy and I do not mention it or have overseen it, let me know. Thanks.

One important thing before starting: You may see (in few last levels) emotion stones from the

original amnesia - here, they work pretty much the same as in penumbra -

like save points.(Thanks even more to Frictional games for the idea)

The game will also be saved when entering new area.

Instalation: Unpack the zip file and simply copy the "Get out alive"
folder to the custom stories in your Amnesia: The dark descent main
folder. Then start Amnesia and after clicking on "custom stories"
button in the menu, you will be given the chance of clicking on Get out alive,
reading the description and offered with the "start" button. Another
click and have fun ... or at least some worries!


Frictional games - HPL Editor suite, Wiki and creation of this awesome game

Poets of the fall - War (Music used in Credits)

moddb - sharing

Ideas and help:



Rsa Viper

Thanks for download and have a nice day!

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