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Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Lost the Lights

Lost the Lights is a full custom story made to give you an all new experience with Amnesia.
It features a complete new story with over 25 completely new levels.

Solve puzzles, run away from fearsome enemies. And above all, Don't get spotted.

Lost the Lights is a project done solely by UnseenLegend.
After 6 Months of hard work, I hope you enjoy this custom story I made with great effort.
Questions, Suggestions or bugs? Email me @
In better words I copyright my own custom story.

Copyright 2012 Unseen Studio's.
(R), Amnesia: The Dark Descent , and Amnesia: (tm) are trademarks of Frictional Games.
Unseen Studio is not affiliated in any way with Frictional Games.

#1 NOTE: You need Justine in order to play this modification.
#2 NOTE: There is some of the notes wrong with the english and grammar im sorry for it but im not having enough time to fix it sorry,
so please don't complain about the grammar & english mistakes.
#3 NOTE: No Seriously All the stuff comes original from penumbra, Tanshaydar converted it. Not created it. Still having respect for it.

kindly request - share to any kind twitter facebook and more known sides, if you like to scare your friends in a worst way.
Thanks for your support and downloading and watching !

Sorry for the english don't really had much time to fix it.

Other news.
many people ask me'' Did pewdiepie plays the lost the lights lights ?'' He did play it.
So please do not ask. about it seriously...
thank you

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