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Measuring and Devin413 are proud to present...

A Boris Game Studios Production
A Full Conversion mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I can only remember two things. The first is that my name is Edward, and the second
is a thought that I cannot get out of my head. "Do not fear the darkness." It eats away at the back of my mind. Everything, everyone I ever knew is gone. My memories have completely blurred. Simply nothing remains.
Do not fear the darkness...
Flashes of people, places, things I once knew... it's all gone. Forty years, or so I estimate, of living just... gone. There's an empty potion bottle next to me. It reeks of chemicals, and there's a strange viscous, pink liquid stuck to the sides.
What have I done...

Features Include:

Nearly 400 Megabytes of new content.
Multiple new monsters.
Striking, incredibly detailed environments.
Fully voiced by high quality, talented voice artists.
Highly atmospheric game-play; no cheap jump-scares.
Dark, terrifying moments guaranteed to bring back the feeling of first playing Amnesia.
Thoroughly bug-tested and all text proofread.
Nearly 900 hours of combined work.

Terms of use: Yes you can use the content in Tenebris Lake as long as you credit us for our work! :)

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