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This is our project for Amnesia: The Dark Descent that me (Seth1466) and my friend (JetlinerX) have been working on.

Currently Chapter One and Chapter Two are released and can be found in the download section on the ModDB page. Chapter Three is still under development.

Please give our mod a test and make a video or give us some feed-back to tell us what to do better. Anyone who Let's Plays this, thank you very much!

If you want to keep up to date on the current progress of The Attic, go to The Attic forum page and take a look at Current Progress! (Last updated 08/02/2012)

Thank you for showing interest in our project!

Note: Do not install The Attic via Desura. It won't work till The Attic: Full is released!

Also the updated version of The Attic created by SUMMER^ on the Frictional Games Forums is an unofficial patch that we did not have any making in. Download at your own risk.

Chapter One - Progress: Released!
Chapter Two - Progress: Released!
Chapter Three - Progress: Released!
The Attic: Full - Progress: 60%

Lead Developers:
Seth1466 & JetlinerX

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