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WARNING: Do not play this game If you are under 18-16 years of age.
- Do not play this game if you have a heart condition.
- I am not responsible for your actions.
- The game contains many "jumpscares" which may disturb, provoke panic or trauma.
- the french language is glitching because of the game debugging , don't mention the spelling mistakes , and think that the developer is dyslexic.... thanks.

Evaluation : level design 8/10
script 6/10
gameplay 6/10 (kind hard)
fear 7/10 (+jumpscares)
Text: 6/10 (difficult to understand).

Difficulty: Normal (-/+ hard).

Helper: 94warius.

Please , before playing , read the "Read Me" , and Think about reading the notes and your momentos , it's always important to read.

Now You're ready to explore the machine !

Have fun.

P.S: Sorry for my english .

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