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Castle Dorian v1.1

Whiteville 1423, A peaceful village famous about its beautiful landscape turned into a deserted place where no one dares to enter because of the plague, Recent information has told that lights start to burn at night and people standing around the mountain side. Many say the place is cursed and no one may enter or no returned is promised. Many villagers where evacuated to the castle
when it all happened. The rest moved across the land.

In 1428 a message was send from Whiteville and handed to the young William Cromwell in London. The letter was from his mother still hiding in the castle, but there was one problem. The letter was send 2 years ago. There was no confirmation that she would still be alive. William decided to travel to Whiteville as the plague was over for a year there. Ignoring all the warnings he still entered the forsaken place.

Game Info

Game will be 20-50 minutes long depends on your choice of gaming.
Beauty full indoor and outdoor envroiment.
Scary atmosphere in the entire game.
Scares are soft but will get you on your seat (No flying naked guy's)
There will be small puzles, As I wanted it to be completed sooner I Deleted the Puzzle room.
Dont ferget to play it in the dark with you brightnes settings on 0.8 to 1.0!
Last, Have fun!

Ideas and feedback?

Please let me know if you have special requests are just some good ideas for my next CS! I could use all help available from you all. Feedback also appreciated!

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