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Forgotten - A Custom Story You just woke up from a deep sleep. Your memories are shattered, you can't remember what happened before you fell asleep.
Everything you have, is a short letter. A letter, from your former self.

You find yourself left in an old castle, not able to remember anything. Can you find a way out ? Do you dare to go thru a nightmare, just to save your own life?

The first version and also a fixes second one have been released. I'm still working on it and try to add as much improvements as possible.


A CS with focus on atmosphere
No "cheap" jumpscares
Plans for a secret room.
A new item that can be used.
German and english language support.


You need the Justine DLC in order to play this CS (If you don't have it it will be messed up!)
Make sure to rate it and/or report bugs, it's very appreciated.

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