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When Life No Longer Exists

A Full-conversion mod to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

There will be:

-Dark rooms and scary/creepy atmosphere,
-Beautifully designed maps/levels,
-"Hidden story" (exists in letters),
-A few scares,
-Tremendous fear,
-Whole new story,
-New stuff to investigate (entities, static objects),
-Enemies without music and spawn sound, so you can't predict when grunt walks towards you behind of any corner,
-...etc, etc...

...and of course one or more easter eggsSmile

Please, tell me what you like these: video, pictures and the whole idea of mod.

STORY: (please, read this before you play)


Once upon a time there was an old man, who lived his whole life alone in his self made house.
It was year 1089, war was over and villagers lived happily in their little town which was ruled by the man.
The man was great viking veteran warrior and he was turning to Christianity, but in satanic way.
He cursed his house with satanic bible and rituals, that who ever comes this house, will be doomed.
The veteran was also good mechanic. He built up a big machinery to protect himself from the enemy.
But something went badly wrong. He started to hear strange talking all around the house.
He started to fear Valkyries, whom were supposed to take the greatest warriors from the battleground to the Valhalla.
The veteran wanted to go to the Valhalla, but first he needed to die like a warriors was supposed to die.
He was about to die in his own home and he couldn't start the war again, so he was in trouble.

Now, 1542, Samuel Gullstrand (you), has bought this estate and started to live there.
Ever since he moved there, he started to have nightmares and suffered from severe pain during the nights.

He sees the same nightmare every night, "Gates of Hell opens in this house".

He is the first one who sleeps in this house after almost 500 years.
It's only his third night in this house.

But what, if the nightmares aren't only the nightmares?
And did the veteran ever made his way to the Valhalla?
You will find out...

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