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Mr. Lerwick, Mr. Taylor Lerwick I should say I hope this letter finds you well. I know that the past few months of your life haven't been the most endearing of experiences but I have something that might encourage you. My manor I recently purchased is a tired withered old place that I have grown disinterested in. Its creaking halls and lavish scenery don't invigorate me like they once did. If you could take care of it for the weekend I would be happy to cover all your outstanding debts and remember, before you decide so quickly do you really have a choice?

This mod if you do end up playing it will be a very strange experience to what your use to. Most mods I have noticed are predominantly scare or action based to a large degree with a minor emphasis on story. In Dark is not like that at all. I originally started this mod to make and amnesia custom story that was completely story driven. The scares, the levels the environments are all driven by a story line that covers about 170 years of an estates history. The thing I hope when (and if) you play this custom story when it releases is that you will feel like your playing a game that is totally conflicting. One moment you might be walking through a beautiful section of the manor at a peaceful pace and the next you are running for your life from a foe that is as perplexing as terrifying. In short In Dark is going to be a very different experience from your typical amnesia mod.

Now With that said here's a quick snippet of what you can expect in more literal terms of a random quick exposition section:

22 Levels (Each one different from the last.)

Sense of connection (No I am not kidding as per example all the first five main levels are made to seem to connect to each other to such a degree that you can see parts of other levels in different levels.)

Few jump scares (Ok there is one and that is only if you approach the situation in the most generic way.)

Stealth driven (most enemy encounters you will see the monster coming and will have to sneak by him, this may seem bad but trust me when your nearly past a monster and he hears you and turns around that is unbelievably terrifying.)

Story driven (The mod I am making will be dominated as said before by story, your involvement in this mess and other questions raised are answered throughout the story line to a much deeper extent than hopefully expected and this is mainly why the mod is 22 levels. I played around with a method to have your actions effect dialog but don't hold me to that.)

advanced scripting (the script in this mod will be pretty extensive and hopefully impressive with a machine that runs 6 separate pistons while being a code device to wind when your outside but not inside.)

exploration (I added a lot of scripts that are not on the main trail as well as voice acted exposition, so it is worth taking a look around. Also there is a lot of story that is explained in areas you don't have to go to. You will never misunderstand the story but if you want more depth look around a bit.)

voice acting (have two voice actors who are quiet talented, you will hear one in the trailer and the other in game.)

OST (there will be a original sound track to this game to adequately emphasize the feel of the area you are in.)

secrets (If you are the person that likes having a bunch of secrets in their mod then especially the last half of this mod will be a treat for you. There is a specific object which you can obtain which allows you to unlock all standard doors, in all future levels. It leads to some mild hilarity and of course it is not game breaking.)

and that should be all, random quick exposition section out!

Final note: this mod will require the Justine patch, but if it is a big issue and enough people say something about it I can do a redesign of In Dark without it.

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