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It is 1884, twenty years ago, Edward, the father of Alex, went on a pilgrimage to witness a holy event known as the Eternium that occurs once a century. During this, his wife was kidnapped by cultists, never seen by the living again. His father becoming obsessed with her disappearance abandons his son, and dedicates himself completely to finding her, taking up residence in a manse in the Yorkshire moors. Twenty years later, Alexander investigates into his parent's disappearance, determined to find the truth of what happened to them.


Addressed problems of the prologue

High Mapping Quality

Intelligent, guided, non linear puzzle elements

Immersive Environments


Danny Boy for retextured Suitor.
Mofo for lantern model, Hardarm for the edits.
Traggey for an awesome tree model.
JonnyAnomaly for some awesome vines

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