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Another Amnesia custom story RELEASED

Finally! This project is done. Development started in october 2013, finished in 29. march 2014. This is my second custom story and the first one made all by my self.

More information can be found in NEWS section in updates that were already provided (about the story, monsters and others). Check images, videos and news for more info.

Things needed:

- Justine DLC
- Powerful computer (4GB RAM, or Quadcore - otherwise expect some lags)
- Patience (estimated gameplay time is about 3-5 hours so dont expect to finish this within one evening)

Things not needed/not included:

- Full conversion (just a regular custom story with regular lantern)
- Genius brain (you are not going to be tortured by impossibly difficult puzzles)
- Sense of humour (the custom story is bipolar, if you are thinking strictly that Amnesia should not be funny you just dont go to areas signed as "OPTIONAL" that may contain ridiculous stuff unlike the main parts, the choice is yours)

Basic info:

- Estimated gameplay time: 3-5 hours (depends on many factors)
- Amount of maps: 32 including intro and outro
- Amount of chapters: 6 + tutorial
- File size: 500+mb (200+mb as zipped file)

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