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· All quests linked to achievements that had civilization level caps have been adjusted to remove the caps. For instance, a number of quests were only given at Patrician level, and if you ever had even one Nobleman move in, you could never, ever be given the quest by the NPC. Although I understand dividing quests by civilization class helps ensure a steady progression of new quests, the end result is the very illogical situation where an NPC would refuse to give you a quest simply because your city is large. And from a gameplay perspective, it was VERY annoying to have to purposefully hold yourself back at lowly Citizen or Patrician levels just to hope you get the right quest (which could take 10 hours or more!). The following quests have been edited to change the variable to Nobleman: (see full readme for list)

· Willem’s quest “Miracle in the Sand” (GUID 5950137), which unlocks an achievement, was originally disabled if you picked “Reach 2000, 5,000, or 10,000” Envoys as a winning condition. The 5,000 and 10,000 levels shouldn’t disallow the quest since the quest asks for reaching merely 3,000. Therefore, to enhance the likelihood of being given this quest I’ve removed the 5,000 and 10,000 quest disablers.

· Lucius’s quest “Befitting” (GUID 5750092), which is part of an achievement, was originally disabled if you picked “Accumulate 150,000, 500,000, or 1,000,000” Gold Coins as a winning condition. The 1,000,000 level shouldn’t disallow the quest since the quest asks for you to accumulate 500,000. Therefore, to enhance the likelihood of being given this quest I’ve removed the 1,000,000 quest disabler.

· Constanza’s quest “Recognition” (GUID 6050082), which is part of an achievement, was originally disabled if you picked “Reach 5,000, 10,000, or 30,000” Inhabitants as a winning condition. The 30,000 level shouldn’t disallow the quest since the quest asks for you to reach 10,000. Therefore, to enhance the likelihood of being given this quest I’ve removed the 30,000 quest disabler.

· Giovanni’s quest “Measure the Empire” (GUID 6150078), which is part of an achievement, was originally disabled if you picked “Accumulate 150,000, 500,000, or 1,000,000” Gold Coins as a winning condition. The 500,000 and 1,000,000 levels shouldn’t disallow the quest since the quest asks for you to accumulate 250,000. Therefore, to enhance the likelihood of being given this quest I’ve removed the 500,000 and 1,000,000 quest disablers.

· The “Handyman” achievement, which requires using many of the “Construction Plan” items, was unable to be accomplished in Venice because Venice changed the way the items worked (they are consumed immediately upon use instead of socketed in to a Warehouse). Therefore, you previously had to get this achievement in the regular game. That is bad. I’ve changed it so now you don’t need to “use” the items but merely “acquire” the items. Hence, as soon as Ibn al Hakim invents one, since it is placed in your Warehouse, the achievement will recognize that Construction Plan as “acquired”. Technical “ItemUsed” XML variable changed to “ItemInStorage”.

· I’ve edited the “Handyman” achievement to now require acquiring a few of the major Construction Plan items I added to the game. This does make this achievement slightly harder, but it still isn’t that hard. I’ve added the “Debtor’s Prison”, “Bathhouse”, “Historic Warehouses Foundation”, “War Machines Workshop”, “Cannon Foundry”, “Fortified Tower”, “Fortified Gatehouse”, “Keep”, and “Oriental Fort”. I also reordered the list so it is in a more logical order when viewing in the achievements screen.

· The item “Imperial Geologist” has been renamed to “Imperial Mineralogist” in order to clearly differentiate it from the Venice “Geologist” items used on Volcanic Islands.

· The items “Wooden Spoon” (GUID 8287) and “Iron Roasting Pan” (incorrectly called Iron Roast Pan originally) (GUID 8293) have been added back to the items Al Zahir randomly sells post-Sultan’s Mosque construction (item pool GUID 500621). They originally were removed once you built the Sultan’s Mosque. I consider this improper since these items are still valuable and should be able to be purchased.

· The item “Glass Phials” (GUID 8302) has been added to Northburgh’s item pool (both GUID 500619 and 500845) that you can buy from at the Nobleman level. This item strangely was the only productivity boosting item that was only attainable as a rare quest reward.

· Gavin’s Venice quest “The Status Symbol” was still in German. I’ve translated it and restored the quest text. But beware, the Anno developers wrote quite a risqué bit of text for this one!

· For Ibn al Hakim’s pool of items (GUID 500531) he can invent for you, I added 13 new Construction Plan items, since strangely the original game seemed to fairly randomly pick which items had Construction Plans and which didn’t. Now all important buildings have plans. I also restored 9 Construction Plan items that were originally in the .txt files but not active in the .xml files. All 22 of these new items have been spread throughout Ibn’s invention pool. This greatly increased the diversity of the reward pool, so you shouldn’t be constantly bombarded with “Large Norias” and “Imperial Cathedral Foundations” and “Sultan’s Mosque Foundations”. I also tweaked a few priorities for existing Construction Plan items in this pool to make them more or less frequent depending on the usefulness of the item. Overall, you can expect better and more diversified inventions now. List of new items: (see full readme for list)

· Ibn al Hakim’s pool of items he can invent for you (GUID 500531) was missing some important Construction Plans. Specifically, the “Church” and “Large Shipyard” Construction Plans were removed from the Patrician and Nobleman pools and the “Provisions Storehouse” Construction Plan was removed from the Nobleman pool. This made it hard to get the achievement for using every Construction Plan item (Handyman). Moreover, removing these items made it so there was less of a selection at the higher civilization levels, and hence, more repetition. I’ve added these three items back.

· Ibn al Hakim’s pool of items he can invent for you (GUID 500531) also had a few items that were given too commonly. For one, the “Imperial Cathedral Foundation” and “Sultan’s Mosque Foundation” were too commonly given at the Nobleman level. I’ve changed their priority from “D” to “E”, which makes them both a bit less frequent. I’ve also changed the priority of the “Cemetery” and both “Juggler Camp” items from “F” to “E” at the Peasant level. I did this because otherwise these items were quite rare and the better items were more common. Now these fairly unhelpful items are a bit more commonly given at the Peasant level.

· For Ibn al Hakim’s quest item reward pool (GUID 500868), I made some changes. For the Peasant level, I added a Bailiwick Construction Plan as a very rare reward and the Chapel as a more common reward. For the Citizen level, I added a Bailiwick Construction Plan and removed the Cemetery, Occidental Juggler Camp, and Oriental Juggler Camp because the Bailiwick is a nice reward to add in and the later three buildings are rubbish rewards. For the Patrician level, I added the Keep, Debtor’s Prison, Historic Warehouses Foundation, Oriental Fort, Fortified Tower, and Fortified Gatehouse. For the Nobleman level, I added the Keep, Debtor’s Prison, Historic Warehouses Foundation, Oriental Fort, and Bathhouse. I removed the Cemetery, Occidental Juggler Camp, and Oriental Juggler Camp. Overall, this makes the Construction Plan rewards better and more diversified. The original game tended to give too many of the same items and too many fairly bad items.

· A number of “escort Ship” quests where you had to escort more than 1 Ship incorrectly used the singular quest info text of “escort a Ship…”. I’ve fixed this in all places by adding “XXX” to each of these quests, where XXX is either 500763 for AI and Harbor Island quests or 500769 for Neutral Power quests. Quests fixed: Garibaldi’s “Privacy” (GUID 40650133), Garibaldi’s “Bear-Faced Monster” (GUID 40650100), Garibaldi’s “Uncertain Voyage” (GUID 40650104), Garibaldi’s “Stories Untold” (GUID 40650098), Garibaldi’s “Carnival V” (GUID 40650251), Garibaldi’s “Oriental Food II” (GUID 40650280), Garibaldi’s “Securities Transport” (GUID 40650352), The Sultan’s “Thirst for Knowledge V” (GUID 40803011), Guy’s “No Honor among Thieves” (GUID 6350030), Northburgh’s “Noble Vanity” (GUID 8050615)”, The Emperor’s “Enemy in Your Own Ranks VI” (GUID 8350121), The Sultan’s “The Gift” (GUID 8450026), Hassan’s “Escort for a Trader” (GUID 8250546), Hilarius’ “Open to New Things” (GUID 5303018).

· Cuno’s quest “Enlightenment” (GUID 5304028), which is an escort 2 Ships quest, had the wrong quest info text (it said to salvage several Flotsam). This has been fixed.

· A few grammar fixes, such as the quest text for “Drunk after the Hunt” changed “too money” to “too many”. A few words changed when they didn’t match the in-game variables, such as “for enough Coin” changed to “for a big enough reward” since the quest reward didn’t include money. Too bad Spellcheck can’t find these issues…

· Removed one line break from the end of “Select the Ship to be escorted to start the Escort”. This was done to match the format used elsewhere.

· The question mark has been removed from the phrase, “NAME asks you if you want to begin the Escort?”. This isn’t a question but a statement.

· The phrase “NAME offers you” standardized to “NAME is offering you” since this is what Anno usually uses.

· Added a comma between “NAME will sell you the Ship, XXX, for:”. The last comma was originally missing.

· Nearly every reference to “Route” was changed to “Trading Route” to improve clarity. This goes for “Route Inefficient”, “Route Lost”, and so on. The same with references to “route” being changed to “Trading Route”.

· The phrase “Trading Route Point” has been standardized to “Trading Route Waypoint” since this is proper term.

· The phrase “at this station” referring to Trading Route Waypoints has been changed to “at this Waypoint”.

· The tooltip message, “Right-Click to throw XXX overboard” has been changed to also first state “Left-Click to transfer XXX” and then list the overboard line.

· The term “Quit Unload” renamed to “Close Unload” to be uniform.

· The term “Add Warehouse” renamed to “Add Waypoint” for the trading routes screen, since not all waypoints you add are warehouses, technically.

· The term “Town” has been changed to “City” in all places where it is used as a game term, since 90% of the time Anno used City anyway. So for instance, “Heketa and her Sisters predict that the Town of” has been changed to “City of”. “Town” is still used when NPCs talk of your cities.

· The term “Small Town” has been changed to simply “Town”. This is because there ever was a simply “Town” size, so “Small” is unnecessary.

· The terms for the two lowest sizes of Islands, “Small Settlement” and “Settlement”, have been changed to “Settlement” and “Hamlet”, respectively. This was done because the game always speaks of your “Settlement” as the lowest common denominator, such as founding a new “Settlement”. Now “Settlement” truly means a colony, rather than a small grouping of people. Likewise, “Hamlet” is the lowest recognized grouping of peoples, and Northburgh does refer to you turning your “Hamlet” into a thriving “Metropolis”, so this change is fitting. Plus Wikipedia lists the size ranges as “Hamlet”, “Village”, “Town”, then “City”. Now the game terms match this.

· The term “Cosmopolitan City” has been changed back to the Anno developer’s original name “Mega-Metropolis”. This is the name used throughout all the .XML and engine files. Also, if you note in the credit outtakes, Hildegard says, “…all I had to do was finish 35 hours of a Continuous Game, including the Cathedral construction and a Mega-Metropolis. Now you know why I look so old!” Plus, “Cosmopolitan” is really inaccurate since it refers to a city that is a melting pot of cultures, not merely a large city. What would have been awesome is if Anno required you to actually build a city mixed with Occident and Orient Populations in order to attain the highest city level of “Cosmopolitan City” or “Cosmopolis”. But alas…’tis not so. Hence, “Mega-Metropolis” is what I believe to be more accurate. And now you can say to your friends, “Oh yeah, I reached Mega-Metropolis in 45 minutes – I be Mega-L33t!”

· The term “Detect Enemy Henchmen” has been changed to “Smoke Out Enemy Henchmen”. This is because this is what the game refers to elsewhere. This was very confusing since “Smoke Out” never existed as an actual action. “Detect” is more accurate, but I decided to keep “Smoke Out” since it’s a more exciting term.

· The term “Counter-Spies” was used in several places regarding sending them out from Bases of Operations. This is an inaccurate term and should be “Watchmen” because what happens is Watchmen are sent out from Bases of Operations in order to try to “Smoke Out” enemy Henchmen. There is no such thing as Counter-Spies in the game.

· The term “Ship Race” was changed to “Trade Race” since this is more accurate regarding what these quests are about.

· The name “Harbor Defense Tower” is now used exclusively since a few places still referred to this building as a “Harbor Tower”.

· A Venice loading screen tip refers to “Privateering” – I’ve renamed this to the proper but less marketable “Boarding Quests”. This was done since privateering is about being commissioned by governments with letters of marque. This is not what these quests are about.

· The tooltip for when you select a House to infiltrate with your Henchman now includes a list of the different acts of sabotage so you can determine which act will be enabled when you infiltrate a certain civilization class’s House. Previously, you simply had to have these acts memorized, which was annoying. (Tooltip GUID edited: 50121016)

· A few grammar fixes for tooltips, such as “Left-Click to create screenshot of…” changed to “Left-Click to create a screenshot of…”.

· The tooltip, “Left-Click to create Trading Routes” renamed to “Left-Click to view, create, and edit Trading Routes” since this is more accurate.

· The tooltip, “Left-Click to remove this Waypoint from the list” changed to “Left-Click to remove this Waypoint from the current Trading Route” to be more accurate.

· The interface message “Cannot connect to server” has been renamed to the more helpful, “Cannot connect to Ubi servers.[CR] [CR]Online Profiles will not work. Only Offline Profiles can be played.”

· Many quests ask you to complete a certain number of activities. The total completed so far is displayed using the “[QUEST_VICTORYCONDITION_PLAYERCOUNTER 0]” variable, used 10 times in the .txt files. It reads “X / X”. I’ve added descriptive text before this variable. So now instead of saying, “Complete 5 tasks. 2 / 5”, it now reads “Complete 5 tasks. Total to date: 2 /5.”.

· The “Request at least XXX assignments” has been changed to the proper “Ask for at least XXX Quests”.

· The loading tip that referred to “Request Quest” has been renamed to the proper “Ask for Quest”.

· The phrase “Quests to solve” that is used in four places in the interface has been changed to the more commonly used and more logical “Quests to complete”.

· The “Sink XXX Corsair Ships” changed to “Sink at least XXX Corsair Ships” to match the format of all other texts like this.

· The phrase “CITYNAME regularly earn you:” has been fixed to “CITYNAME regularly earns you:”.

· The phrase for receiving reputation from Ingratiation was missing a space after the reputation icon. Now it reads “X Reputation” instead of “XReputation” where X is the reputation icon.

· Some improvements to Population Pyramid tooltips.

· Added a detailed listing of all House counts by civilization type for the Total Houses tooltip in the Marketplace. This allows you to avoid going to the Population Pyramid to see a breakdown of houses.

· Phrase “You have allocated [NUM_BEGGARS] Begging Rights in all the Cities” changed to “You have allocated [NUM_BEGGARS] Begging Rights in your Cities worldwide”. This matches the format all other civilization levels use.

· The “Knowledge is Power” achievement tooltip had a typo regarding the “Date achieved” timestamp. It was “[PA_DATE 12299]” but should have been “[PA_DATE 122999]”. Fixed.

· The phrase, “The Watchmen in [THIRDPARTY_CITY] have captured a Spy who was working for [THIRDPARTY_THIRD_PLAYER].” didn’t work right and that last variable was blank, even though it should have worked. I’ve changed it to “The Watchmen in [THIRDPARTY_CITY] have captured a Spy who was working for another Player.”

· Further cleanup of Trading Route screen tooltips.

· Changed Noria numbers for the “Greatly Increased Noria Attainments” mod so that the final capacity of Large Norias would be 10,000, 50,000, and 500,000.

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