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Current Version: 006

-A cross between CTI and SCont
-Totally dynamic combat
-CQC oriented with house patrols
-Instant action
-Selectable soldier count, vehicle count, vehicle types, zone size, AI skill, fireteam size, starting time, weather, quick start option...
-Selectable soldier class
-Selectable spawn points
-Totally independent AI
-Recruit AI to your squad
-Join other player squads
-Drive any vehicle
-Complete multiplayer compatibility with up to 32 players
-Dynamic Environment

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3MP Missions folder.

What do the markers on the map mean?:
Blue = West CP - totally controlled by the west with no enemies in the area
Red = East CP - totally controlled by the east with no enemies in the area
White = Neutral CP - controlled by no one with no troops of any kind in the area
Yellow = Contested CP - this means that there are multiple teams in the area fighting for control of the CP

Spawns only occur at control points that are controlled by the corresponding team... if a CP is contested, no spawning will occur there until one of the teams takes control of the point.
A winner is decided when one of the teams snuffs out all of the opposition. If your team has no control points when you die, you will be automatically switched to the remaining team with the least amount of control points and carry on the battle with that team. This does not necessarily mean your original team is completely out of the game. If there were troops alive from your original team they can still take control of a CP, but as for you, they are now your enemy.

************************ IMPORTANT **********************
Until Arma 3 is updated with resistance units, you MUST keep resistance assault count disabled. The code is already in place for the resistance side, but cannot be enabled until the game contains the units necessary to run it

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